Does this sound like you?

*Your to do list is a mile long...

*You're feeling overwhelmed with things you should be doing...

*Your business has become your life & you want more...

*Networking & Sales feel hard and inauthentic...

*Sleep is the first thing to be taken off the calendar...

*Headaches, digestive issues and lack of focus are begining to affect your health...

*Stressed-out has become your go-to default setting...


What you can expect from me...

*My Undivided Attention!

*All the resources you need!

*Increased Resilience, Grit & Willpower!

*Unlimited Emails

*My Cell Number for 1:1 Support

*Accelleration of your timeframe to reach your goals!

*Support & Accountability!

*The Sounding Board you need for your life & business!


Alex Dumas - Abundance Daily

Great Energy - you need to work with Suzanne, point blank period.


Tammy Polk - Publisher

Believing in you is what Suzanne does best, she will get you believing too!


Andrea Beck- Health Coach

Starting from nothing, Suzanne gave me the tools to build a website, tribe and programs, building connections and a sales process for my practice!!

Positive Intelligence POD
Powerfully Positive Program
Hiking Book

There are skills that people can learn and use that will shift them to a higher and sustainable level of well-being and help them to flourish throughout their lifetime. Sonja Lyubormirsky has shown in her research that our happiness level is affected by our genetics which is 50%, our environment or life circumstances which makes up 10% and the other 40% we control. We have a choice as to how we use that 40% to increase our sense of well-being.


We all come across situations in which we get stuck in life, work, relationships and self-care. I would like to work with you to look at these times and find a new way of handling them to get unstuck. We can take what is working and build on it rather than focusing on what isn’t working. Reinterpret, redirect, reframe into a more optimistic, fulfilling direction in life. We can look at the bigger picture and see what steps can be taken to create the life you really want. According to Rick Hansen, neuropsychologist and author of Hardwiring Happiness, our brains are wired to scout for all that’s negative, like Velcro; however, we are surrounded by opportunities every day to change this. I can help you discover the tools that can bring more happiness into your life. Conventional thinking is that success will lead to happiness, but research has shown the opposite to be true, happiness leads to success. By cultivating a positive mindset you can boost well-being, productivity, creativity, relationships and flourish in your life.


This is your Life What do you choose? Choose consciously, wisely, thoughtfully. I can guide you in making the right choices for you and your unique life. 


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