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Strategy Session

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Areas of Expertise

1. Growing Authority & Influence/Leadership Mastery/Rapport and Communication Skills

    -Credentials - Executive Coach - World Coach Inst.

                        Certificate in Applied Positive Psychology - Flourishing Center - University of PA

                        Master Certified NLP - The Academy of Modern Positive Psychology

                        EFT - Emotional Freedom Technique Pratitioner

                        Certificate in the Science of Influence 

     -Things I can advise on:

                         -Online Positioning, Website Wireframes to Influence

                         -Becoming the Leader your Team Deserves

                         -Improving Relationships & Communitcation in Every Area of Life


2. Leadership/360 Evaluations/Team Building/Culture Formation & Alignment

    -Credentials - Executive Coach - World Coach Inst.

                      -Motivation Coach - Global Inst.

                      -Flourishing Skills Group - the Program for Teams to be in Positive Growth

                      -Culture Fix Method Certified 

    -Things we can do together:

                      -360 Leadership Assessments, Disc Assessments, Strengths & Saboteur Assessments

                      -Workshops, Talks and Events for Teams

                      -Culture Evaluations and Workshops 


3. Productivity/Habits/Nutrition/Lifestyle Design 

     -Credentials - BA Applied Science - Rowan University

                        Mindfulness Practitioner Certified

                        Holistic Nutritionist - Nutraphoria

                        ACE - Certified Personal Trainer

                        Optimize Cetified Coach - Heroic 

                        12 Week Year Mastery Course

      Things we can work on:

                        -Designing Morning & Evening Routines

                        -Goal Setting, Accelerating Progress- One Year Goals in 3 months

                        -Dial in Focus, Flow and Mindfulness Practices -Strategies & Tools to Eliminate Distraction

                        -Managing Energy, Motivation and Sleep 

                        -Taking Back your Fitness and Athletic Ability

                        -Health Protocols & Support in Healing 


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