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Client Creation Challenge

Are you ready to transform your business and start attracting your ideal clients with ease? 

Say goodbye to the stress of constantly being on social media and DMing 100 random people a day, and hello to a new approach that prioritizes genuine connections by providing immense value!!

The Taylord Approach is all about creating an abundant business that truly makes a difference, and The 5-day Client Creation Challenge will give you the tools, mindset and strategies you need to achieve just that.

This approach, will have you mastering the four key elements of client attraction Connect, Engage, Serve, and Propose, and create a steady stream of high-performing, high-fee clients. 

You'll feel confident and empowered as an entrepreneur, knowing that you have the skills to attract your ideal clients without the constant hustle and grind. There is no honor badge for working 60+ hours a week and not making the money you desire! 

By focusing on building relationships and providing exceptional value, you'll be able to create a more meaningful business that truly makes a difference in the lives of your clients. 

5 Day Intentsive 

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About your Host

Suzanne started her entrepreneurial journey at age 11, hiring 3 others to do her paper route! From those humble beginnings at delegating so she could have fun instead, the mindset of doing things your own way began! 

Her businesses have included a retail chain with franchised locations across the country to a real estate firm and a marketing agency.

Succeeding in business before the invention of social media, her first 2 businesses were word of mouth and networking referral based. This resulted in the development of the Taylord Referral Method being taught to 1000s of other entrepreneurs in the last 13 years.

Her mentorship & coaching of other entrepreneurs began with just a drive to help others succeed, and now is a thriving 7 figure company with a network of over 25,000 connections and partners. 

The 5 Day Client Creation Itinerary 

Day 1: Connect

  • Introduce the concept of connecting with potential clients on a deeper level

  • Teach participants how to identify and attract their ideal clients through genuine connection

  • Provide exercises for participants to practice connecting with their ideal clients - 20.20.20


Day 2: Invite

  • Teach participants how to create an invitation that speaks directly to their ideal clients

  • Provide examples of successful invitations and how to customize them to fit their own coaching style *swipe file included to craft your own messages

  • Guide participants through creating their own unique invitation to attract their ideal clients


Day 3: Create

  • Teach participants how to create powerful virtual coffee sessions that provide immense value to their clients

  • Provide tips on how to structure connecting sessions to ensure maximum impact

  • Guide participants through creating session plan for their ideal client


Day 4: Propose

  • Teach participants how to propose their services in a way that feels natural and authentic

  • Provide strategies for overcoming objections and getting potential clients to say "yes" to your offers

  • Guide participants through crafting a proposal that feels aligned with their business style and serves their ideal clients

Day 5: Integration and Next Steps

  • Recap the key concepts covered in the challenge

  • Help participants integrate what they've learned into their coaching practice

  • Provide guidance on how to continue implementing The Taylord Approach in their business moving forward

  • Offer additional support and resources for continued growth and success

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