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The Confident Coach 
Millionaire Mastermind

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Let's Build Your Thriving Coaching Practice!

This is for you if you are finally ready to say

"I am a professional coach!"

You've Finished your Coach Certification

But How do you Do the Business of Coaching?


Are you overwhelmed and struggling?

Losing the confidence you had in your abilities and wondering what am I doing wrong?


You have such drive and a desire to build a business that provides not only for you and your family but also HELPS others. You’re caught in the web of watching what other business owners are doing wondering if you should just do what they do. You feel like you’re surrounded by people doing what you’re doing and you don’t have any idea how to stand out. 


You know the work you do is valuable and important, but you struggle to convince your ideal client of it’s value. You feel like deep down, what you really need is someone to just tell you what the hell to do. You are so tired of throwing spaghetti at the wall and waiting to see what email, opt-in, post or strategy will work!


Unsubscribe from everything, STOP downloading freebies the answer is NOT there!


Commit to this program, do the work and you will have a clear pathway to your high-ticket offer.  That stand out offer, that will make a difference for you and your business.

Be willing to serve fearlessly, creatively with an unwaivering confidence in your strengths and differences!

Suzanne's style of coaching is straight forward and effective. she is not afraid to ask the difficult questions to help her get unstuck so they can move forward in their career and which benefits their personal lives, too. Suzanne is easy to talk to because she listens. She does not have an agenda that's about her which makes every session all about the client and their needs. Working with Suzanne I was about to find clarity in my business and the direction I wanted to go! I have learned business systems, positive psychology, and in numerous other skills that have improved my mindset, my confidence, and my business. ~Denise Stegall, CEO & Curator Living Healthy List

This Year Long Group Will........

Weekly Mastermind Session

This is the lesson and learning for the week, with actionable homework, all sessions recorded and placed in Facebook Group...for 12 months! 



Group Q&A Sessions Every Friday

This is where the magic really happens! During these weekly coaching sessions, you’ll have the opportunity to ask anything you want about your offer, digital product, sales funnel, etc., and get LIVE expert feedback...for 12 months! 


*Monthly 1:1 Coaching Call

Are you bad about starting a new program full-steam-ahead, and then simmering out part way through? I hear ya, and I’m not about to let that happen this time! Our monthly 60-minute 1:1 calls will keep you moving forward, so you can be ready to up level in 90 days and start getting results, ASAP. You get a total of 12 1:1 calls over 12 months.


Copy Clinic Weekly

Struggle with writing? Don’t have a copy genius on your team? Not a problem! Submit your copy to our agency copywriter for feedback, tweaks and touch ups, so you can stress less + sell more through the power of strategic copy. You have a full 12 months of support with your copy.

Templates and Swipe Files

Consider this your Easy Button to quickly and easily CREATE your money-making offers. Our sales page templates, email swipes, and checklists make it simpler than ever to craft a high-converting funnel. Keep these forever!

FOREVER ACCESS to our Private Facebook Group

The Confident Entrepreneur is a intense growth program.....  But that doesn’t mean the fun stops after the program! Get lifetime of support inside our private Members Group to help you optimize your offers, pitch and hold you accountable for growth.

Guest Expert Sessions

SEO, Ads, Social Media, Linkedin, Networking.  Monthly deep dive guest experts will show you how to get more traffic to your funnel AND how to create a money-making mindset to set you up for success. You get 6 months access to all Guest Expert Sessions. In the Coach Community!

Are you ready to DROP the BUSY and stop using the excuse that there isn’t enough time to do all the things you need to do in your coaching practice. Manage your time and begin to delegate like a CEO.  You will soon be streamlining everything you do, so that you eliminate that "I don't know what to do" and you execute like a six-figure coach. Welcome to being the most optimized practice, ever. 


Begin to leverage your influence, fill your schedule with qualified prospective clients. Imagine being ULTRA connected - helping others grow, and becoming the kind of person that others think of and bring up in conversation. This takes action, connection and commitment, and a plan for networking and followup that has people wanting to connect with you and your products and services!


Finally, you’re going to learn how to create the action plan for literally EVERY MILESTONE in your practice. You’re going to learn the system that helps you grow. You’re going to build a massive six-figure empire, step by freaking step. This program will help you do exactly that with the "HOW" and accountability you deserve! 

After the Confident Coach Millionaire Mastermind you will....

Have a six figure offer! It all starts with a strong offer! Right off the bat, I’ll teach you how to identify and craft the perfect offer for your ideal client, so you can consistently convert buyers & attract highly qualified leads.

The pitch, values, morals of your business clearly defined with the content pillars you need to talk, post and sell that 6 figure offer!

Step beyond the startegy and actually map out your offer, and the sales language to go with it! Conversions, scripts and messaging all included. Nail your unique erollment process! 

Bonus Masterclasses During your 6 Month Journey...

#1 Rockstar Events and Workshops - prep, content, pricing, audience,branding, marketing your event, social media, sales, follow-up, profitability and selling from the stage.

#2 The Coaching Sales System - The Prosperity System, Saving the sale, objections, the plan and sticking to it, conversions, NLP, persausive copy, high-ticket offers, becoming the superhero your clients need, plus walk away with your signature enrollment process.

#3 Contracts & Proposals

#4 How to Charge Higher Fees & Overcoming Self-Sabotage

#5 Prepare for the Sale - Elevator pitch formula, in prep email, interview questions, rate sheet, embrace your value, closing cheat sheet, one call close theory, objections and the think it over response, centers of influence.

#6 50 Ways to build your audience

#7 Linkedin Profile Audit and recommindations 

Current Group is full and next group begins on November 2022

Special VIP Bonus

Human Design Reading and Coaching Session - Human Design is an awareness tool that maps out your energetic makeup. Begin to understand the magic of self through a reading of your individual design.  This is a 90-minute individual coaching session that is recorded and transcribed.   This interpretation of your unique design will help to empower your growth and to begin the deconditioning process so you are ready to embrace the magic of who you are.  During this session we can optionally look at the charts of people in your life, it will help you show up in the best possible way.  

Tammy Ebright is an Intuitive Coach whose focus is on helping people, from professionals to families, heal and communicate so that they feel heard and to respond in a way that helps nurture their relationships.


After the sudden death of her husband David in 2012, she became a solo mom to two amazing kids then ages 4 & 10.  After struggling and feeling lost I leaned into massive self-development and found a passion for authentic communication.  


Her coaching process involves helping you accept yourself at a core level; strengths, weaknesses, shadows, and gifts.  She is certified in multiple sciences and has a passion for helping others understand their Human Design.  


What you'll Create in Our Time Together


This makes you have unstoppable confidence, own your value, and exude magnetic energy that is attractive to premium buyers.



Together we will help you craft your CORE 4 elements when people say "What do you do?" that will magnetize your premium buyers



We will craft, name and structure your method so you stand out in a highly-crowded market.



You will master how to build, price AND deliver offers your buyers will be thrilled to say to and pay in full for.



Master how to generate premium leads without paid ads, funnels, webinars, or big social media following AND learn how to execute your launches



Master the Sales Call where you'll never need a script AND be able to overcome the 6 major objections your premium buyers may have.


Planning the content, to filling the room, marketing, sales, power partners. We cover it all! 


Creating, cultivating and nurishing your own community, all the features needed to have an incredible community!


Learn the secrets to building instant rapport (certification in NLP optional) but included! The are of exquisite questioning! 

Imagine how you will feel after having all this created for your will feel like you finally turned pro coach!

A Visual Roadmap of the Overhead View of What You Do
A Nurture Email Sequence of 27 Emails
An Entire Course Based on What you Do!
10 Opt-Ins
Lead Magnets for Your Program
A Visual Roadmap of the Overhead View of What You Do
An Application to 
Work with You!
Sales Page & Letter
Referral Email & 
Session Offer
27 More Emails
to Use as Social Posts or Emails
A Professional Sales
Script to Land Premium Discovery Calls
Emails, Posts, for Your Authority Webinar
A Video Script to
Amplify Authority
Headlines & Hooks for 
Ads, Blog & Social
Build Ebooks
YouTube & FB
Ad Builder
Messenger Scripts

.....Plus Lifetime Access to Come Back and Create More

Have Questions?  Discuss the Program with Suzanne

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