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Elevate Your Business and Life to the Next Level


Are you a business owner generating $250K or more annually, with ambitions to reach new heights? Do you aspire to transform your success into something extraordinary?

Book a Discovery Call with Suzanne Taylor-King & The Taylord Team!

With 35 years of entrepreneurial experience and multiple seven-figure exits, I specialize in guiding high-achieving business owners like you towards even greater success. My coaching begins at $25K, tailored for those who are ready to invest in their future and elevate every aspect of their business and life.

If you’re ready to unlock your next level of potential and redefine success on your terms, let's connect. This is your opportunity to work with a coach who understands the unique challenges and opportunities of high-net-worth individuals and can provide the insights and strategies to propel you forward.

Explore Coaching Pathways......

Master connection, rapport and client attraction!

Business Owner Accelerator

One Year of Growth

in Seven Weeks!

Event Facilitation




New Venture Legacy

Re-invent your business, or create one after a corproate career or exit! 

Claim Something More for Yourself

Create a Brand, Offer, & Message to Build a Legacy with your Knowledge

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