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Content Libraries are our speciality, uniquely designed, and customized for your business and platform of choice! 

30, 60, 90 Day Libraries Available

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Google Ads & Ad Words, Facebook Ads and Digital Advertising - Paid and Organic

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Social Media Content Management & Strategy, Custom targeting and testing of social campaigns with a distinct ROI in patients, new customers to your online store or more clients in your practice. Strategic partners and guest posting on the places your clients/customers frequent. 

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Monthly Custom Newsletters made for your practice and your voice as a practitioner, monthly themes, event posting and even sponsorship of the newsletter if you choose!  Content curated monthly and sent to your subscribers, grow your reach and reputation with expertly researched, written and customized content specifically for your audience and staff!  

Sample Chiropractic Newsletter


Dear {FNAME},


If you suffer from things such as chronic headaches, joint pain, poor circulation, low moods, or poor temperature regulation, there’s a good chance you might need to realign your posture.
Poor posture is also linked to things like poor cardiovascular functionality, poor mental health, increased likelihood of stress, anxiety and even diabetes, so it’s very important to fix it before it becomes too much of an issue!


Luckily, posture is something which CAN be corrected when caught early enough, and proper alignment exercises practiced. It can be something as simple as committing to realign your spine and literally ‘sit up straight’ whenever you notice yourself hunching over your desk or computer. 


Try the following exercises when you first get up in the morning to make sure you start your day with optimum spinal alignment:


-Gentle shoulder and neck rolls 
Stand up straight, shoulders relaxed with the top of the head extending upwards. Shrug shoulders up towards the ears and allow them to roll backward and down, and then reverse the direction. Take some neck rolls too in a similar fashion both clockwise and counterclockwise (these exercises can also be practiced seated in a chair with a straight spine).


-Standing twist
Stand tall with both feet planted flat on the floor. Extend the arms out to a 'T' and as you exhale turn the right arm and shoulder back behind the body as the left moves forwards, keeping the lower half of the body straight where it is. Inhale here, and twist in the opposite direction on exhale.


You’ll notice immediate results, and begin your journey towards improved overall health too!

“A good stance and posture reflect a proper state of mind.” - Morihei Ushiba



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