Unlock Your Genius
Find Energized Tranquility

Because you're feeling stuck in the not knowing what to do.......


The voice of  "I can't" "I don't know how" "What's next for me?" is overpowering your daily thinking! (mind chatter needs to go)


You've been feeling bored, uninspired, lonely and not motivated to do the things you know you "should" be doing!


Maybe a big milestone in life.....age, divorce, marriage, empty nest syndrome, menopause or even needing a career change has you saying things like "I am too old, fat, ugly, dumb" to venture into these uncharted waters! Check out single sessions!


Or developing a self-care routine seems impossible with kids, house, work and spouse..........


Together, we can navigate the next chapter with ease, grace......When life, work & relationships feel impossible because you're different, spiritual, natural, holistic, healed or healing from a past or present that most don't understand!  I get you!


So if your mindset, thinking and self-talk has you confused, sick and tired of it's BS story.........let's break up with that Bi!$* and discover..........who you really are.........the vibrant, energized, shining version of you........the one I SEE! 


I'm so excited for you to begin your journey to a life well lived! The tools and wisdom I will share is completely taylor'd to your needs and goals! First, we get super clear on what you want to achieve and then we dive into the how! 

I limit the number of clients I work with to encourage focused, individual attention. I provide a confidential, private time-out to step back and reflect on what’s working in your life, what’s not, and why. I only work with motivated me/women who seek personal growth, increased emotional intelligence, and the guidance to do that in less time. Are you ready to move forward with hope........ toward clarity, confidence, and a revitalized, energized tranquility?

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Soul Surfing Single Sessions

Kick Emotional Reactions to the Curb ~ Eating, Drinking, Emotional Ups & Downs. This introductory session is for the client who knows what has to be done, but just can't seem to do it consistently!  We get clear on the triggers and create a plan to overcome those patterns! Includes: Coaching, Energy Work, Emotional Intelligence and Resources to Continue the Work at Home!  


Souls Purpose ~  90 Mins to go deep to your true soul's calling, this isn't just a career purpose statement, this is your time to align and get uber clear on why you are here and what the mission of this lifetime is! 

Manage Stress & Well-Being ~ Real-Time Stress Management, Strategies and Tools for showing up centered, grounded and calm! Understand how and why you think like you do and receive the life strategies to show up powerfull, confidant and calm!  Coaching and Email Follow Up to Continue the Work at Home!! 

Depending on how deep you are ready to explore these sessions may be anywhere from 2-4 hours!  The investment is $2500 and comes with a month of support via email & voice messages via app! 

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How this works........

I connect with clients in person and online! All 1:1 coaching is completely custom to you, your life & your business. Total organic coaching, together we decide which way to go! 

Let's Talk

If you have an interest in coaching in my practice, complete the questions on the contact page completely and thoroughly. Depending on your needs, we may begin with a complimentary 30-minute mini-session to answer your questions and discover how we might work together. I am currently booking 4 to 6 weeks out depending on your schedule.

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