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Growth Intentions Membership

Open Up to the Possibilities of Community, Business Growth & Knowledge

Get ALL of the building blocks required for your entreprenuerial journey, and your personal and professional growth. Streamlining your action steps and bringing clarity and abundance to your life. While working less and without the BS, guru hype & overwhelm.

Connection to the insights, systems and resources to guide you to grow your 6 figure coaching, consulting or service based business!

What you Receive

Complete Access to a community of entrepreneurs and all the elements required to grow your business in a streamlined, productive and fun way! 

Join a group of like-minded go-givers for support, accountability and connection!


Direction & Actionable

Steps to Grow 


Group Coaching 2x Monthly

Accountabilty &



Two New LIVE Workshops

Every Month


Connections, Referrals

Like-Minded Support



Master your Business

Level One

Your Ideal Customer

Find out exactly who your ideal customer is to drive your product, sales, and marketing systems and scale your business. Who can you best serve? Use the data to: 

  • Establish direction & purpose within your own life

  • Create products & services your customers desire

  • ​Establish value, confidence & belief in your products

  • ​Save time & money with marketing campaigns

  • ​Easily target, attract & persuade customers to buy

Niche Formula

Get laser focused on a single result that you're going to give your ideal customer, and then communicate that result to them...

  • Set yourself apart from the competition

  • Allow for premium pricing and greater returns

  • ​Make all product, marketing & sales fall into place

  • Create focus, clarity & structure for you & customer

  • Set yourself up for success... (critical for business)

Signature System

Create your high ticket solution by productizing your existing knowledge and experience with your signature system that gives your customers the transformation that they desire.

  • "Turn your passion into profits to escape the 9-5"

  • ​Generates multiple products, offers & income streams

  • ​Streamline your time and create freedom

  • Position yourself as an expert in your market

  • ​Generate all content marketing and sales assets

Level Two

Sales Strategy

Create a clear and succinct map to 'success' to 2x, 3x, 4x, and even 10x your revenues in a matter of weeks. by delivering your signature system in multiple formats to maximise revenues and profits.

  • Reduce overwhelm on which funnels to set up 

  • ​Get clarity on steps to take and what to include  

  • Position yourself to generate high & low ticket sales

  • Plan how to get a continuous supply of customers

  • ​Identify where you'll increase profit margins

High Value Offers

The success (or failure) of your business is dependent on your offer converting. Build your offers to actually sell your products and services at a high price point with high conversion rates...

  • Structure your offers so they convert

  • Frame your products with high perceived value

  • ​Increase pricing for higher margins & profitability

  • ​Be in control of your time and lifestyle

  • ​Allow for cashflow, scale and growth

Sales Assets

Build your sales assets to start automating sales... while avoiding the tech overwhelm, expensive designers, developers and copywriters. This is where you finish up with a full functioning funnel that’s ready to launch, promote, and make money from! 

  • Build your automated sales mechanism!

  • Remove overwhelm of what to create, and how!

  • ​Save time & money with a fast & simple set up

  • ​Generate multiple sales assets proven to convert

  • ​Plug in high & low ticket templates with one click

Scale System
......and so much more

Traffic & Customers

Create a continuous flow of your ideal customers into your business, without having to create content everyday... without having to spend money on ads... or... by spending money on ads!

  • ​Generate customers and start making money! 

  • ​Set up profitable ad campaigns for fast results

  • ​Attract your ideal customers for free

  • Reduce overwhelm of which traffic sources to use

  • ​Streamline your traffic efforts and time investment

Content System

Build a valuable brand and asset to position your business for long term, scalable growth, through content and social media... without becoming a full time content creator... in just a few hours per week.

  • Build a brand to establish authority, trust & credibility

  • ​Increase reach, attention, and traffic 

  • ​Remove content overwhelm and creative barriers

  • ​​​Streamline content creation and publishing

  • ​Increase leads, sales... revenue and profit

Analytics & Reporting System

Track and report on the key metrics to identify the holes and opportunities, increase your conversion rates, optimize your growth, ... and position yourself to automate and scale profitably.

  • ​See how and where you can scale your busines

  • ​Make data-driven decisions to formulate strategy

  • ​Increase clarity and focus in business performance

  • Invest your time and money into the right places

  • ​Optimise campaigns, conversions and sales

  • ​Master Action Point List

  • ​Ideal Customer Planner

  • ​Niche Formula Planner

  • ​Signature System Creation Planner

  • ​Sales Strategy Map Planner

  • ​High Value Offer Planner

  • ​High Ticket Funnel Template (5 page)

  • ​​Low Ticket Funnel Template (5 page)

  • ​Email Nurture Sequence (x10)

  • ​'Non Salesy' Sales Call Scripts

  • ​'Non Salesy' Sales Video Scripts

  • ​6-Figure Sales Page Template

  • ​6-Figure Sales Message Formula 

  • ​Partnership outreach email script

  • ​Content calendar template

  • ​Social media planner & templates

  • ​250+ Social media posts, hooks + captions

  • ​Ad Design Templates

  • ​High Ticket Funnel Calculator

  • ​Low Ticket Funnel Calculator

  • ​Weekly reporting spreadsheet

  • ​Monthly reporting spreadsheet

Swipe Files


Every Month You Receive

2 Live Workshops Monthly
Community & Members Only
Content, Events
Q & A Monthly
Private What's App Thread
Book Club, Hot Seat Coaching Sessions, Course Content
*price never increases

Elevate Your Entrepreneurial Journey with Our Exclusive One-Year Program! Year two will take you to mastery!

Unlock Your Full Potential as a Solo Entrepreneur

Are you ready to redefine your entrepreneurial journey? Our meticulously crafted one-year program is designed to be the cornerstone for solo entrepreneurs looking to elevate every aspect of their business. From identifying your ideal customer to mastering the art of manifesting money, we cover it all, setting you up for a journey of continuous growth and success.

Why Choose This Program?

  1. Holistic Approach: Our program is not just a series of lectures. It's a comprehensive journey that covers every facet of entrepreneurship, from claiming your credibility to fostering an abundance mindset.

  2. Expert Guidance: Each session is led by industry experts who have walked the path and are eager to share their insights and experiences to help you carve out your own success story.

  3. Community Support: Be a part of a thriving community of like-minded entrepreneurs. The connections you make here could be the collaborations that propel your business to new heights.

Program Highlights

  1. Monthly Themed Meetings: Each month, immerse yourself in focused topics that are integral to modern entrepreneurship. From uncluttering your space to email marketing, we've got it all covered.

  2. Weekly Video & Podcast Recommendations: Supplement your learning with curated video and podcast recommendations that provide deeper insights into each topic, helping you stay ahead in the game.

  3. Book Club: Join our monthly book club where we dissect bestselling books that offer invaluable insights and lessons on business and personal growth.

  4. Q&A and Hot Seat Coaching: Our monthly Q&A sessions are your opportunity to get personalized advice and feedback. The hot seat coaching is a golden opportunity to deep dive into your business challenges with expert guidance.

Long-Term Engagement

This program is more than just a one-year commitment. It's an invitation to be part of a growing community that continues to learn, evolve, and support each other. Your investment of $1000 is not just for a year-long program; it's a gateway to a community and resources that you would want to stay engaged with, long after the program ends. Plus: year two is all about Mastery & a certification in NLP & Eudaimonology!

What You Will Achieve

  • Clarity & Focus: Gain a clear direction and purpose in your entrepreneurial journey.

  • Increased Profitability: Learn strategies to enhance your product offerings and maximize profits.

  • Personal Growth: Develop an abundance mindset and learn the art of manifesting money and success.

  • Networking Opportunities: Connect with other entrepreneurs and foster collaborations that could be the key to your business growth.

Join Us Today!

Embark on a transformative journey that promises not just business growth but personal evolution. This is not just a program; it's a partnership in your journey to success.

Invest in your future now. Join our community of thriving entrepreneurs and let's build a brighter future together.

Year Two Curriculum Sneak Peek: Elevate Your Business to Unprecedented Heights

Embark on a Journey of Mastery and Innovation

As we step into the second year of our transformative program, we are thrilled to present a curriculum that promises to take your business acumen to the next level. This year, we're not just focusing on scaling your business, but also on personal growth and innovation, culminating in an NLP Certification that will set you apart in the entrepreneurial world.

What's in Store for Year Two?

  1. Claiming Your Credibility: Dive deeper into establishing yourself as a thought leader in your niche. Learn the art of personal branding and how to effectively communicate your value proposition to your target audience.

  2. Team Dynamics: Enhance your leadership skills with advanced strategies to foster a collaborative and productive team environment.

  3. Un-Cluttering Your Space: Take a step further in creating a workspace that fosters creativity and productivity, learning advanced techniques to keep your business and personal space organized and energized.

  4. The Power of Repetition: Master the art of creating habits that foster success, delving deeper into the psychology of repetition and how it can be leveraged to achieve business excellence.

  5. Manifesting Money: Explore advanced strategies for financial growth and stability, learning how to attract wealth through proven methodologies.

  6. Self-Publishing Success: Get hands-on experience in publishing your own book, with expert guidance on everything from writing to marketing your publication.

  7. Email Marketing: Develop advanced skills in email marketing, learning how to craft campaigns that not only sell but also build lasting relationships with your customers.

  8. Empower Your Creativity with AI: Step into the future by learning how to harness the power of Artificial Intelligence to foster innovation and creativity in your business.

  9. Collaboration Partners: Learn the art of forming successful partnerships, with a focus on leveraging collaborations for business growth and innovation.

  10. Lead with Gratitude w/ special guest David George Brooke "That Gratitude Guy": Join an exclusive session with the renowned "That Gratitude Guy", where you'll learn how to foster a culture of gratitude in your business, enhancing both personal and professional relationships.

  11. Abundance Mindset: Deepen your understanding of the abundance mindset, learning advanced techniques to foster a positive and prosperous outlook on life and business.

  12. Growing Your Authority & Influence: Develop strategies to enhance your influence in your industry, learning how to effectively leverage your authority for business growth.

  13. Increasing Your Customer Value and Pricing: Learn advanced strategies for maximizing customer value, with a focus on pricing strategies that enhance profitability without compromising on value.

NLP Certification

As a highlight of our second year, you will undergo training to become a certified NLP practitioner. This certification will equip you with the skills to understand and leverage human behavior for business success, setting you apart in the entrepreneurial world.

Join Us for Another Year of Transformation

Year two promises to be a journey of growth, innovation, and mastery. With a curriculum that's designed to foster both personal and business growth, you're set to elevate your entrepreneurial journey to unprecedented heights.

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