Lifestyle Monitoring

Concierge Wellness

Easily collect, understand, and leverage
patient-generated lifestyle data


Concierge Wellness provides the tools that help providers and corporations translate patient-generated lifestyle data from wearables, connected health devices, and questionnaires into a standardized report & APP, so that organizations can make the shift from reactive to proactive care.

How It Works

Concierge Wellness

Invite patients to connect and share their data


Add a personalized link to HealthSnap on your website or new patient registration communications, choose to invite a curtailed list of patients, or connect with a patient in person.

Once patients are connected, they can seamlessly share their lifestyle data from wearables, other connected health devices, or questionnaires.

Easily understand and monitor your patients’ lifestyle health data

Advanced algorithms automatically translate collected lifestyle data into personalized values and unique insights for every patient within a standardized profile & report.

Get a full longitudinal picture of patient vitals, activity, nutrition, and behaviors to easily create a personalized, educational, and data-driven roadmap to health for every patient.

Provide more personalized care and visualize patient health outcomes in one central location

We make it easy to access and understand patient lifestyle data, so you can take a data-driven approach to preventive care. 

Provide personalized recommendations, send HIPAA-secure messages, and easily track individual and population outcomes with advanced analytics.

Concierge Wellness

The Complete Picture of Patients' Health

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Our mission is to help people understand and benefit from lifestyle data.


Our goal is to empower healthcare providers, corporations, patients, and health and wellness companies to switch from a reactive posture to a proactive one; focusing on actual healthcare instead of ‘disease-care’ by integrating critical, health-associated elements of lifestyle data into patient care.

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