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Creating your "Story" for your Brand? Start with Something Personal......

Updated: Feb 20

Let's Rewrite Your Life Story......

Through our lives, beginning in childhood, we have experiences and influences that condition us to hold certain beliefs. These beliefs are then the basis on which we tell the story of who we are, to ourselves and to others. Our parents and caretakers influence us with their own beliefs, the stories they tell about life, and the way that they live. We then have our own experiences that either confirm what we’ve been taught or give us a varied perspective of life. We are domesticated into the societal norms of our culture, country, neighborhood, religion and ethnicity. We are influenced by the media, the educational system, and our friends.

We are all natural story tellers, and so we automatically tell ourselves and others a story of who we are and how the world works. This story is told by default, based on the beliefs we picked up about our self and the world and our own personal experience. When we tell these stories, we are usually not aware. Even if we are aware, we often don’t know why we tell what we tell, and the story is not necessarily based on fact.

Our life stories are more fiction than non-fiction, even though we often assume they are real.

Below is an activity called "Life Movie" that will help you see what story you tell about your life, as well as give you an opportunity to rewrite your script. Then, in the Belief Reflection Exercise you’ll delve deeper into the beliefs that support the story you used to tell and reflect on ways to change those beliefs and align to the NEW STORY you want to live.


The purpose of the "Life Movie" activity is to put your life and the things you wish to change into perspective. One of the main reasons that many people are unsatisfied in life and not living in alignment with their highest purpose is because of the stories they tell themselves and others about their life and who they are. By viewing your own Life Movie you will be able to see more clearly the story you are living and will then be able to rewrite your script!

You are the star in your own Life Movie! Your Life Movie is the vision you see in your mind of your life story, including your visions and dreams, your beliefs about life and who you are, and how you think about your past and future. Some scenes are memories from your life, and you often see these clips over and over in your mind.

What scenes from your past do you replay frequently (positive and negative)? These may be life changing events, pivotal moments, coincidental moments, etc.

What are your most influential or “climactic” scenes?

In a one paragraph review of Your Movie, please describe the “background story”

Other parts of Your Movie include the stories you tell yourself and others about who you are now. Is your story one of bravery and perseverance, leading you to your current state of success and fulfillment? Is your story one of being the victim of an unfortunate life in which you had bad luck, got the short end of the stick, or were mistreated by others? Or, is your story one of boredom and unfulfillment, letting fear or other people’s opinions keep you from living the life of your dreams, one in which you find yourself existing instead of living?

In a one paragraph review of Your Movie, please describe the characteristics of the “main character” and the story of who they are!

Finally, Your Movie includes your vision and stories about your future.....

In a one paragraph review of Your Movie, please describe the “plot” including what will happen to the main character!

What are your most influential or “climactic” scenes?

Remember This!

You are constantly, actively writing and directing your film.

Your Movie becomes Your Life.


Yes, you are the one who both writes your screen play and directs every scene. This includes the scenes from your past. “How,” you might ask, “did I write the script for the ways I was mistreated as a child or the unfortunate circumstances that happened to me as an adult? I didn’t have control over them, and I certainly would not have chosen them.” What is important for you to know is that THE PAST HAPPENED, yes, but it is over – it no longer exists. The Movie scenes you play in your mind are simply memory traces in your brain. You are NOT your past. You are not a memory trace in your brain.

Your movie and your story create the life you live, not the other way around. If you tell yourself or others that you are a certain way, you will act accordingly. If you tell yourself or others that certain things are going to happen to you, they will. You can look at it from a spiritual perspective – that what you focus your attention on you will attract to your life (The Law of Attraction), or you can look at it from a psychological perspective – if you believe something will happen you will unconsciously do things that will cause it to happen (Self-Fulfilling Prophecy). Either way, this is the reality of life.

Before you do your "Brand" it's important to know, like and trust your personal story. Changing your perspective on those stories and shifting them to empowering and positive can feel challenging at first. When I was working on my story, the death of my mother in '04 always came up as a pivotal point (it's when I decided to change careers) You see she passed while on the phone with me on her birthday! This story could have been the tragedy of my adult life.....but many months after I was able to see....because I left work early, and called on my way home, I was able to say Happy Birthday Mom, I Love last time. How grateful I am for that. So many things came into alignment for those 3 minutes of conversation to happen, how can I not be thankful.

Would you like to get some perspective on your story? As a coach for high-performers this is what I do everyday.......perspective and clarity. When you are ready to turn pro, reach out I would love to have a powerful conversation! Click Image Below to schedule a time.


I believe in challenging the status quo, thinking differently and to boldy stepping into the confidence of being unique and different!

I believe that by enhancing your unique qualities, strengths and gifts that perspective changes and grows!

I believe my lifetime of learning and deep mastery of personal habits & emotional intelligence can shift your life and business trajectory!

I believe coaching is custom, unique and co-created, with actionable steps, resources for simple, straightforward motivation & momentum!

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