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A straight-shooting Coach’s Coach

I had the opportunity to spend an hour plus with Suzanne last week and as we talked, she asked the right questions and dug a little deeper, just like you would expect a coach to do when you are working with them.  Then she explained how she does accountability and what her expectations are when she works with her accountability partner.  It was short and sweet, to the point.  No time for excuses.  I shared my love for having things on a calendar and how that helps me get things done.  Then she said, OK, when do you want to have this done?  Let’s put it on the calendar.  I put it on the calendar with hesitation because I knew what I was committing to.  It was not difficult, but it was on the calendar.  Then she said, what about this thing, when do you want to complete it?  I said tomorrow and I put it on the calendar.  She gave me direction on a certain type of prospecting email that was plain and simple, but I had not thought of it.  The things she shared were effective too.  I got responses and even set appointment for future clients.  

She is very good at collaborating and helping see things that maybe you cannot see.  She is thoughtful, insightful and knows how to work with people where they are at.  She did what a coach should do.  Find the areas that need work and help move you past the obstacles to the goal.  She even checked in the next day to see the progress.  

~Chris Michel

Suzanne took me through her amazing program that gave me the tools to force the negative voices out of my head. We all suffer, at some level, believing we are not good enough or smart enough. These are just the negative emotions we've carried around for so long that we believe them. I've learned to take those "subconscious saboteurs" and squash their influence over me. This helped me both in my business and family life.

~Chris Bate Realtor

In just one phone call with Suzanne, I am feeling excited and rejuvenated that my business is on the right track.  Suzanne is very flexible, easy going, extremely professional and easy to talk to.  She cares about your success and helping you find your niche.  I am excited to be working with her.  Stay tuned!
~Christine Beady, Founder/CEO, Designs & Solutions, LLC

I have known Suzanne for a few years. We have worked togehter on a few projects and most recent I have had a few sessions of coaching . I  have to say I have enjoyed  my self a  and learned a lot. Suzanne had resources and ideas that helped  motivate me to help me reach my goals.  

~Cheryl Campbell Empowerment Coach



"Unbelievable energy and terrific mindset. You need to work with Suzanne, point blank period!"

~Alex Dumas, the Abundance Daily



"I'm loving the Idea Lab Mastermind. Suzanne's leadership, along with the camaraderie of the group, has provided me with a safe place to address my challenges, while giving me the tools and inspiration to overcome them and achieve my goals. Thank you!"

~ Michael Gross The Wingman's Path to Positivity

"Suzanne's style of coaching is straight forward and effective. she is not afraid to ask the difficult questions to help her get unstuck so they can move forward in their career and which benefits their personal lives, too. Suzanne is easy to talk to because she listens. She does not have an agenda that's about her which makes every session all about the client and their needs. Working with Suzanne I was about to find clarity in my business and the direction I wanted to go! I have learned business systems, positive psychology, and in numerous other skills that have improved my mindset, my confidence, and my business." ~Denise Stegall

Alex Dumas
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"Suzanne is very wise, full of great ideas and knowledge and a fantastic networker! Her custom approach is fun, informative and fresh! if you want to learn and grow yourself and your business this is the place to be!" ~ Gail Kaplan

Suzanne is helping me with my social media platforms. Mine needed a lot of tweaking. She is very knowledgeable in that area. She is also helping me with networking in person too. These two areas will help my business immediately. Thanks, Suzanne.

~ Debbie Carter, Networking Marketing Leader w/ Neora

"Suzanne brings a warm, fun and grounded perspective to every room she enters. Her collaborative spirit and ability to motivate people to make positive changes are inspiring!"

~ Erica Wexler MSOD, Change Facilitator

"Suzanne is completely unique and AMAZING at what she does! She has been my coach, confidant, friend, and now business partner and I am so lucky she came into my life! She helped me go from feeling stuck and collecting information, to taking action. She has encouraged me to do big things that I once only considered a dream. With Suzanne's help, I am clarifying my goals and making them into a reality. I am forever grateful for the growth, knowledge, and confidence she has instilled in me!"

~ Christina Dombrowski CFO Concierge Wellness

Suzanne is a powerhouse that is filled with unlimited knowledge. I am so glad that we connected, she has given me some great ideas to implement in my business and my women's group. Her passion for what she does shows in everything she does from speaking engagements to setting up a business plan to making sure you are taking care of yourself through it all, amazing she is. I am very happy to call her a business companion, hard worker and most of all friend. Reach out and connect to this awesome woman and don't forget I told you so after you meet her! To your success!!!!

~ Felicia Spivey-Shanken, Philadelphia Women’s Network Connection, CEO of FPS Fun Travel

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