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One on One Life Coaching for Entrepreneurs, Leaders and Executives

Personal Development is the highest form of growth you can give your business!  This high level, individual approach to increase productivity, focus and results of your overall life and business goals.

Eudaimonology......the secret sauce, magic pill and competitive advantage, that will have others asking.......How did you do it?

What is Eudaimonology?

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Are you looking to get more out of life?

Do you feel pulled in 10 different directions and need a clear path forward?

Are you resisting change, planning and organization?

Are you ready for more of the good stuff - like family, friends, self-care and play?

You haven't started yet because....

  • you haven’t even started ‘cause you can’t “find” the time.

  • you can’t decide what to focus on

  • you don’t have the discipline and motivation to stick with it

  • you have good intentions of adding the good stuff and habits into your life daily, but it’s just not happening.

…you’re just plain overwhelmed

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"Working with Suzanne weekly for just 30 minutes has shifted things profoundly in my personal life and my business! The accountability, action steps and ancient wisdom has given me the advantage, habits and system I needed to be living as the best version of myself!  This has shifted how my team functions, the bottom line of my business and the quality of the work I am doing. The ROI of working with a coach like Suzanne has been 1000% so far, and we are just getting started."  

~Dr. Malcolm Warner

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