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Dollar Bills

Plan Your Prosperity

A Three Day Masterclass for Entrepreneurs

Plan like a Millionaire

Create Your Prosperity Plan

You Owe It To Yourself To Dream A Bigger Dream...

...And Finally Learn What It Feels Like To Be A Millionaire Entrepreneur


Maybe you’ve been told it's "impossible" to build a million-dollar business with zero insider connections or a strong network in your industry. Let me show you how!


Maybe someone told you "money makes money" or "privilege and connections create success." Not true you'll learn how to make it happen!

Three Days 

Why Planning is so Important

How the Prosperity Plan Works & Why its Different

The Tools, Strategy & Coaching to Have your Business at the Million Dollar Mark!

Create the Yearly, Quarterly and Daily Plan

Plus: Gain Membership into the Idea Lab Community for Entrepreneurs!


Presented by Suzanne Taylor-King

Suzanne started her entrepreneurial journey at age 11, hiring 3 others to do her paper route! From those humble beginnings at delegating so she could have fun instead, the mindset of doing things your own way began! 

Her businesses have included a retail chain with franchised locations across the country to a real estate firm and a marketing agency. Plus 25 years as a Dental Hygienist, 14 as a coach! 

Succeeding in business before the invention of social media, her first 2 businesses were word of mouth and networking referral based. This resulted in the development of the Taylord Sales/Referral Method being taught to 1000s of other entrepreneurs in the last 13 years.

Her mentorship & coaching of other entrepreneurs began with just a drive to help others succeed, and now is a thriving 7 figure company with a network of over 25,000 connections and partners. 

This Three Day Event

I want to learn the secrets of the Prosperity Planning System! Sign Me Up!

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Sign Up

This 3 Day Accelerator takes place on replay in our Private Community The Idea Lab for Entrepreneurs.  

What you receive.........

Private Community

3 Days of Recorded Coaching

Workbook for Each Day

Create a Prosperity Plan for Your Business

Lifetime Access to Content & Replays 

Authentic. Connected. Confident

The Prosperity Plan Accelerator

You Can Have The Kind Of Success You Desire, And You Can Do It Your Way.

Way too many talented, gifted and ambitious entrepreneurs like you don’t allow themselves to dream bigger and grow their business to that million dollar mark and beyond.

Together we will put the plan in place on Day One!


This Accelerator offers proven step-by-step methodologies as well as expert mentorship and group coaching that will allow you to turn your dream into a reality, regardless of your past or your business experience.

And once you take action and work with the strategies and guidelines in this intensive -- 

you’ll have everything you need to be a multi-million dollar business and have a business that supports your life and not the other way around.

You Can Learn How To Create a Roadmap In A Remarkably Short Amount Of Time.

All You Need Is The Right Guidance!

And you can create a tremendous positive ripple effect when you own your place in the world and claim your right to become a millionaire entrepreneur. Learn to become the connector, attractor and receiver.


The freedom and fulfillment you long for in your business, the unshakeable confidence and deep peace that you’ve dreamed of for yourself, your family are within reach!




Bonus with this 3 Day Event 

The Idea Lab for Entrepreneurs Community
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