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Are you ready to have Suzanne Rock some confidence, purpose, abundance and positivity into the next workshop, conference lecture or event? 

Suzanne's Speaker Introduction

Suzanne is a Master Certified Coach, Positive Psychology Practitioner, author, speaker and total comedian.  


After careers in the dental field, then building a 7 figure retail chain and developing businesses retail... Finding passion in aromatherapy, nutrition and fitness but then burning out, Suzanne decided it was time to follow her heart and create the life she truly desired, with a business that enables her to work on her terms, follow her passions and help high-level clients to gain the clarity, connection and power to access and step into their full potential with maximum health and limitless energy.


In less than 5 years Suzanne created a dream coaching practice while raising her son and spending more time doing the things she loves. Now guiding others to consciously create the success and fulfillment they dream of. Suzanne is currently based in USA, New Jersey but travels often for business and pleasure. When not running her business Suzanne often will be mixing and blending essential oils or creating magic in the kitchen, and she enjoys being outdoors and in nature in her spare time, paddle-boarding, biking and on adventures with her family.

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Current Signature Talks


The ROI of Confidence ~ Improve Sales, Leadership and Personal Relationships with the Secrets to Unwavering Confidence & Courage!

Get Real ~ The 18 Hacks to Find Time for your Most Important Work (YOU)

From Fear to Freedom ~ the Hero's Journey to your Best Self

Authentic Presence ~ Beyond Connection, Collaboration to Creating Authentic Connection

Bounce Back Braver ~ An Interactive look at business and life resiliency, motivation and cultivating an environment of collaboration, sharing and encouragement of other women. Redefine, Reinvent and Rethink what it means to be an empowered businesswoman, wife, mom & friend. Funny, humorous with a stand-up comedy vibe!!

TFBY ~  Thanks for Being You! Unleashing the Real you from the Inside-Out!

Powerfully Positive ~ A self-esteem boosting, self-confidence talk for school age, tween, teens and young adults. How to practically navigate having the strength to be yourself, take a stand against bullying, comparison and not feeling enough in the age of social media! Each talk is personally customized for the age group and event. Using laughter as a positive motivator for change, along with some practical advice, tools and interactive games! 

Additional Corporate Trainings


She has been hired to teach and inspire audiences by clients such as TD Bank, WEW Networking, AAOSH, Diva Girls, The Empowered Woman, Life Coach Radio, The Wellness Universe, MedAlliance, and many private doctors offices locally in NJ. 


Suzanne will MC your event with a professional rockstar vibe, engaging, humorous,  inspirational and fun, always ensuring that above all else – you and your brand and audience shine.  


She also speaks to audiences on topics such as…

Social Media Authentic Connection

Optimize Sleep, Energy, Positivity

Self-Love and Self-Care

Nourish your Mind, Body & Soul for Business

Body Language ~ Built for Confidence

Turn up your Volume with Confidence

Food: The Journey to End Emotional Eating

The Sugar Slap Down

Resiliency ~ Bouncing Back w/ Ease, Grace, Positivity

If your looking to engage, inspire and have fun with your team or audience, then Suzanne is the speaker or MC for your event.  Experience humor, compassion, and a transformational speaking style will leave you motivated for change and growth. 

Dental Workshops


I love working as a trainer and coach with dental offices and their leaders.

Want to be an influential leader and provider? Learn the principles of influence backed in neuroscience & positive psychology from a certified  Master Coach, NLP Master & former Dental Hygienist.

“Confidant Sales"

How does confidence relate to case acceptance? How can we create a more engaging case presentation that feels psychologically safe for your patients both clinically and financially? How can you promote the culture and habits of safety for ourselves to optimize creativity and collaboration in your office?

Course Objectives

  • Understand the difference between growth and fixed mindset

  • Learn tips to put ourselves back in creativity when we get frustrated

  • Understand how confidence relates to culture and patient experience

  • Learn the 11 steps to confidently present cases

“Culture Transformation: The Taylor'd Formula for Practice Success”

What is culture? It’s the way we think, our habits, the way we feel about ourselves and others, what we choose to focus on, what we choose to talk about, and the way we talk about it. Culture determines the quality of our decisions, the quality of our relationships, our satisfaction, and ultimately become the legacy we leave behind.

Course Objectives

  • Learn to replace reactivity with compassion, curiosity, and creativity

  • Understand the drama triangle and how to diffuse it

  • Define your company culture and the anti-culture, and a process to hold the team accountable to your core values

  • Learn to change your thought patterns to improve your mood, improve relationships, and make better decisions

  • Improve the quality of your conversations and meetings

“Creating the Patient Experience”

The average practice has a conversion rate of only 50%. They could grow so much faster if they were able to delight patients so they were compelled to return. What makes patients have a positive memory of their experience? What makes them say yes to treatment, refer their friends, and come back? Together, we’ll design a patient experience process that is clear for all parties, easy to execute efficiently and consistently, patient and colleague friendly, and memorable, resulting in great case acceptance and patient retention.

Course Objectives

  • Understand the 3 elements of a memorable patient experience

  • Design the patient experience using the Disney Imagineer method

  • Define contingency plans

  • Roleplay the patient experience

*Secret Patient Visits and Evaluations Available

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