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The Idea Lab

A Community for Entrepreneurs

Where no Community has Gone Before!


Entrepreneurship can be overwhelming, lonely and the online space can be the most distracting place to find the help you need.  Let's cut through the BS, ads, and algorithms and see the content we want to see, and connect with a tribe of vetted, accomplished, high-vibe entrepreneurs! 

This platform off social media is an app you can download to your computer, or phone, and turn on/off notifications and emails! How Cool!

Combining knowledge, community, a mastermind group, accountability, voice rooms, and specialized groups based on your profession.


A Community for Entrepreneurs 

The Idea LAB is to empower creative thinking and give inspiration and share innovation with as many business owners as possible. 

If you are looking to pursue your passion, go for your dreams with ease, grace and can do it here with powerful connection! 

This Invite Only group has these core values!

Vision-to have future vision, dream big & celebrate achievement of others

Community- Surround yourself with people who want to see you succeed as much as you want to see them succeed!! 

Elevate- Thoughts, Words, Deeds

Happiness- NOT a destination, but a decision......DECIDE!

Peace- Let it GO..whatever it is!!

Problems- There are no problems if the solution is ACTION.

Growth- READ everyday!

Alignment- Trust intuition & take the next step in line with your mission!!

POWER- Confidence, Self-Love, Self-Compassion

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What's Included with Your FREE Monthly Membership

The Vault Membership Upgrade

What is The Vault?

The Vault is an online mastermind/community/membership dedicated to helping our members harness, leverage, and maximise the power and potential of community and group knowledge to help scale their business.

Whether you're an entrepreneur trying to pave your own path, a SMB who lacks a marketing department or budget for training, or consultant looking to differentiate yourself from your competitors, The Vault can change the way you do business.

Being part of The Vault isn't just about joining a single course and hoping for results. It's about building a community, connecting with like-minded people, and working with one another to generate incredible outcomes through consistency, community, and collaboration!

Breaking the Bad Habits of Working at Home
Step Into Authentic Sales
Become a Positive Change Agent
Claiming your Rockstar Credibility
Motivation, Self-Care for Entrepreneurs, Perfect Your Messaging Bootcamp, Empowering Creativity,
Collaboration Partners, Enhancing the Creative Mindset, and more.......

Within 2 years the Idea Lab will have over 100 courses!

Join Today & Your Price Never Goes Up & the Value Increases!
Together at the Top

Partner with the Idea Lab

We can grow community together! Imagine a group of entrepreneurs, practice owners and service providers coming together and inviting their tribes to one cohesive community! Come together in a collaborative, connected and supportive community who all share the same vision for growth!  That vision includes meaningful connections, networking and referral partners who actually refer real business that makes you money to each other!  A group that supports your high-vibe unique style and wants to see you succeed as much as you want to see others successful.........sometimes it's lonely being a giver, connector and solopreneur.......Not anymore!
Join the Idea Lab in Partnership or become a Community Expert!

Community Pricing Options

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FREE Membership

*Subscriber Only Posts

*Networking Event 1x Month


*Facebook Group

Basic Member
$10 per month
$100 per Year

*Full Course Library

*100s SOPs

*Inner Circle Events Monthly 

GOLD Membership
$1000 per Year!

*Everything in FREE & Basic

+2x Monthly 90 min Growth Intentions


+Monthly Q & A 

Explore the Special Interest Groups
with Community Mentors

Coach Conversations

Coaches & Consultants in Conversation

Speakers, Connection, Networking and a Knowledge Share

Monthly 3rd Wed - 7 pm EST

Daytime Event Coming Soon


Suzanne Taylor-King MCC, HLC, CaPP

Community Founder

  • LinkedIn
Healthy Salad

Healthy Living Happy Life

Healthy Lifestyle for Women over 30

Eat Real Food. Make Good Decisions. Be Accountable

Meets Monthly

+Membership Available


Denise Stegall Founder & Curator 

Living Healthy List

  • LinkedIn



Nancy Zare PhD

  • LinkedIn

Rise Above the Noise

A Group with Digital Marketing Strategist


Susan Barron Finn

  • LinkedIn

Branding & Photography

A Group with Personal Brand Strategist

+Photographer Group


Melissa Henry

  • LinkedIn

Master your Message


A Story Brand Group

Story Telling and Business Messaging

with Thom Van Dyke

  • LinkedIn

Network Building Skills


Networking, Authentic Connections and Mastering the Follow-up with

Daniel Andrews

  • LinkedIn



Mindset Change & Aligning with Desires

with Mindset Specialist 

Judy Kane

  • LinkedIn

Community Partners

Digital Marketing for Knowledge Entrepreneurs
........More Coming Soon!
Light Bulb

Let's Unlock Collaborative Community

Learning, Teaching, Sharing

Resources, Courses, Events

Community, Connection, Collaboration

The Future is .................

100,000-1 Million Members

Entrepreneurs, Small Business Owners & Service Providers

1000 Experts

100 Community Partners

1000 Courses

250 Events Monthly

Idea Lab Calendar of Events

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