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Your business is your life! I get it! You went into business to build a life of your choosing, and now that business is your life......what if it was easier? less stress? less hours? and MORE abundant? Let me show you the taylord path to authentic success for your business! 

Let's Count the Ways Coaching Can Help

Mental Fitness

6 Weeks to a more emotionally fit leader!

12 weeks to a positive wellbeing makeover!

Groups or 1:1


Building a coaching practice or a medical practice can be fun and rewarding. Let's discuss how 1:1 coaching/consulting can help shorten the building curve.

Team Building

Medical/Dental Teams need to work cohesively and organically!

Workshops custom designed for your team based on your needs!


Strategic growth. Organic growth.

Paid marketing, advertising and PR can be tricky to navigate consult with the Taylord Team to grow your business.


One session to one month of working together to map and conceptualize your business idea. Signature Talk, TED Talk, Courses and Offers


Less work hours = more income!

Sounds impossible but it's all doable with technology and the right team.

Business Coaching for the Business that is your Life

I've created the Taylord method of coaching in order to teach people how to balance energy, work, love and strategic goal setting, connecting to your source of inspiration and having all the material abundance you could want.

But you have to really dive in and do the work, and the deeper you go, the more value there is.  And that’s what this program is all about, doing the work, going deeper, and implementing while you go – working toward YOUR GOALS.


Imagine . . .

A life where you’re making the impact your soul is calling you toward.

A life where you’re using your gifts fully and it enlivens and nourishes you.

A life full of healthy, loving relationships.

A life of grace and abundance, where you regularly feel grateful and connected.

A life in where self-care is a priority, and its practice is full of ease. 

A life that in the end, is full of sweet beautiful memories, and no regrets.


What if there is a way to...

feel calm and peaceful while effectively planning for meaningful success?  

be really present with your family, your work, your play, yourself? 

feel like every day you’re creating exactly what you want in life?  

feel like your work was aligned with your soul?

Let's have a powerful conversation and decide if the Taylord Method is a fit for your business!


Don't worry it's totally custom for you and your goals, not some cookie cutter coaching program!


Meet the Founder
& CEO of Taylord Coaching

Suzanne started her entrepreneurial journey at age 11, hiring 3 others to do her paper route! From those humble beginnings at delegating so she could have fun instead, the mindset of doing things your own way began! 

Her businesses have included a retail chain with franchised locations across the country to a real estate firm and a marketing agency.

Succeeding in business before the invention of social media, her first 2 businesses were word of mouth and networking referral based. This resulted in the development of the Taylord Referral Method being taught to 1000s of other entrepreneurs in the last 13 years.

Her mentorship & coaching of other entrepreneurs began with just a drive to help others succeed, and now is a thriving 7 figure company with a network of over 25,000 connections and partners. 

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"Having worked with numerous coaches in my career, it is such an honor and a pleasure to finally be working with Suzanne. She excels at her craft and weekly leaves me in awe at her skill. Discovering her abilities to call out the pragmatic logistics I so needed, while supporting me as I developed them was a gift. Nonetheless, she simultaneously was hearing what wasn't said, recognized, or valued on my part, (in my delusion that everyone has the same skills I possess since they come so naturally.) As a result, she could and does easily support me in clarifying my vision, my message and my audience. When you are truly ready to fly, she is the gift, and push you need to go further, with more clarity and total confidence into a brighter and more expanded career."

~Dr. Dorothy Martin-Neville PhD

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You’ve reached a certain level of success, but there’s still a lot of work on your desk. You’ve been trying to grow, but your workload keeps increasing with each new client and every new employee.


It’s like you’re on a hamster wheel. You keep going round and round, working harder and harder, but never getting beyond that million dollars in sales.


Something has to give!


What got your business to this point isn’t what’s going to get you to the next level!

You know it's time for a coach when....

Your take-home income isn’t nearly as much as you should be getting paid!

Your current workweek is too long and nothing like the lifestyle you imagined when you started this business!


No matter what you've tried you can’t seem to scale up to double, triple, or quadruple your sales. You’re not sure how you’d even support all that work even if you could sell it!

You are still not truly comfortable delegating and stepping away from the business to take a vacation, sick day, or have fun!

If you have started to believe ........“This is just what business ownership is! Keep pushing! Sleep Less!” 

I want to talk to you! 

A Sample 16 Week Program........

Month 1: Discovering Your Inner Fire

- Lesson 1: Understanding Your Why
- Lesson 2: Overcoming Limiting Beliefs
- Lesson 3: Tapping Into Your Inner Wisdom
- Lesson 4: Connecting with Your Passion

Month 2: Breaking Free from Old Habits and Routines

- Lesson 1: Identifying Your Habits and Routines
- Lesson 2: Letting Go of What No Longer Serves You
- Lesson 3: Embracing Change and New Possibilities
- Lesson 4: Creating a Vision for Your Future

Month 3: Tapping into Your Creativity and Inspiration

- Lesson 1: Exploring Your Creative Side
- Lesson 2: Overcoming Creative Blocks
- Lesson 3: Finding Inspiration in Everyday Life
- Lesson 4: Cultivating a Creative Mindset

Month 4: Taking Action and Moving Forward

- Lesson 1: Setting Goals and Priorities
- Lesson 2: Creating an Action Plan
- Lesson 3: Overcoming Procrastination and Resistance
- Lesson 4: Celebrating Your Successes

"I cannot say enough good things about Suzanne. She's a coach that gets to know her clients and their goals. She knows when to tell you what you need to hear and won't be shy about doing it; and when to guide you to self discovery. Suzanne is not for everyone. She's not a cheerleader. If you want results and are willing to do what it takes, then Suzanne will change your life. She honors her commitment to her clients and will do whatever it takes, and long as you do too."

~Chris Bate, CEO Chris Bate Real Estate Team

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If you are curious about working with me........

I use many different approaches to coaching!

You must be ready for something different!

I don't give you answers, but give you the tools and resources to create decisions and actions!

I never judge!

I hold confidentiality sacred!

My coaching is not free or inexpensive, it requires a 4-5 figure investment! 

This profession found me, it is my must do! I spent years doing it before I knew what it was called! I've spent 100s of 1000s of dollars on my personal and professional development as a coach and as a human. I am willing to be fearless and 100% must be too!

I care deeply about my clients & desire deep transformation for them!

Let's transform your life beyond measure!

What does your typical coaching engagement look like?

It does vary on the individual client’s need. However typically, we will work together from 8 weeks to 12 months. Initially we work more intensively, the sessions then become more spread out. I do also offer a shorter half and full day format. As well as the live sessions you will get plenty of resources to continue your growth and virtually unlimited text and email support from me during our time together. 

Who are your typical clients?

I can work entrepreneurs, founders, and leaders who have a relevant degree of curiousity and desire to cut learning, personal development and professional growth time by 10x.  There is no requirement to have anything ‘wrong’ or be struggling in life or work, many of my clients just want to go from ‘good to great’. To develop the self-mastery to have life & business get to the next level of success, and redefine what success means to you!

How much are the fees for groups and private coaching?

It varies on the situation, format and timing. However what I offer is transformative and potentially game changing compared to conventional coaching "programs", and the value proposition reflects that. That having being said I have been told repeatedly I could charge much more… To find out what that means in terms of actual fees, contact me, and we can have a powerful conversation and see if we are a good fit for each other!

Do you work with teams, practices and organizations?

YES, but the leader must be willing to work with me individually, because I beleive that true leadership, culture and teams are built when the leaders are the best version of themselves.

Workshops and speaking for your team are all totally custom for your needs. 

I'm interested, what's next?

If you like to understand more about how I can help you in your specific situation and what benefits and outcomes you can expect, a conversation is best. Fill out the coaching quiz and schedule a conversation!

Why isn't this coaching more commonplace or the standard of how coaching works?

How come if this is so powerful aren’t more coaches and change agents using the same approach? Two reasons requires more than just following a program that the coach purchased online, or made up out of thin air with good sales language!  It also requires deep trust, guided intuition and years of coaching yourself to be a coach who listens deeply, responds curiously and has the tools and resources you need. Let me show you......schedule a conversation about your goals today!

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