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I believe in challenging the status quo, thinking differently and to boldy stepping into the confidence of being unique and different! 

I believe that by enhancing your unique qualities, strengths and gifts that perspective changes and grows!

I believe my lifetime of learning and deep mastery of personal habits & emotional intelligence can shift your life and business trajectory!

I believe coaching is custom, unique and co-created, with actionable steps, resources for simple, straightforward motivation & momentum!

In the exhilarating realm of entrepreneurship, I've paved my path with dedication and innovation. My 35-year journey is like an roller coaster of highs and lows, learning lessons and having adventures in nurturing 6-figure businesses and masterfully navigating multiple 7-figure exits. You see, I'm not just a business coach,  I'm a seasoned veteran of success and failure! 


I've proudly cultivated a 6-figure coaching practice in three unique niches and have honed the art of designing captivating offers and packages. My endeavors in community building and lifestyle design align perfectly with the lofty aspirations of executives and entrepreneurs alike.

Let me share a tale that captures the essence of my professional journey. Picture this: starting with nothing more than a dream and a modest $3000, I birthed a 6-figure brand. Recognizing a golden opportunity in a niche untouched by others, I meticulously fashioned a retail chain that flourished into a 7-figure powerhouse within a mere year. This endeavor wasn't just a testament to my business acumen and lack of fear—it showcased the magic one can create with innovation and bold action.

My academic roots are as multifaceted as my professional ones. I hold a BA in Applied Science and, interestingly, spent 25 years in the world of dentistry. This unique blend of experiences allows me to infuse my coaching techniques with a profound depth of knowledge. My certifications span across Life Coaching, Corporate Wellness, Nutrition, and NLP, arming me with a holistic approach to transcendent business coaching.

Being a Certified Life Coach, I've mastered the alchemy of melding strategies from realms like Energy Medicine, NLP, and Hypnotherapy. This unique blend helps me elevate business owners to unrivaled peaks of self-awareness and productivity. Because the emotional side of business deserves attention also!

In the industry, many know me as a super-connector and secret weapon. I have coached for some of the biggest programs in the industry with coaches like Ron Reich, Todd Brown and Tony Robbins.


 I possess a flair for public speaking, marketing, and personal development.


My expertise lies in crafting strategies, perfecting systems, and streamlining processes. This makes me an irreplaceable ally for businesses eager to fortify their market standing and boost their authority.


Ready to redefine success and steer your venture towards a legacy of brilliance and innovation?


Drop me an email, and let's embark on this transformative journey together.

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At 24 I was leading a retail chain of five stores, I was a whirlwind of ambition and determination. Each day brought a new set of decisions, challenges, and opportunities for learning. The weight of responsibility was heavy, but it was a burden I carried with pride and enthusiasm.

My days started before dawn, embodying Seneca's wisdom, "It is not that we have a short time to live, but that we waste a lot of it." I was determined not to waste a moment. The stores were my canvas, and I painted with bold strokes of innovation and leadership.

In those early days, I was fueled by a mix of adrenaline and aspiration. I felt the rush of success with every positive customer review and each spike in sales. But with success came setbacks – unexpected challenges, tough decisions, and the relentless pressure to perform. These moments tested and ultimately forged my leadership mettle.

I remember a particularly challenging period when supply chain issues threatened to derail our momentum. It demanded not just hard work, but smart work. I dove into books and resources, seeking wisdom from seasoned entrepreneurs. I applied stoic principles, focusing on what I could control and accepting what I couldn't. This period taught me resilience, the art of pivoting quickly, and the importance of having a robust support system.

My leadership style evolved rapidly. I learned that true leadership wasn't just about driving profits or managing stores; it was about inspiring my team and leading by example. I embraced Maya Angelou's philosophy: "People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel." I focused on building relationships, understanding that each employee's unique genius and talent were integral to our collective success.

At 24, running a retail chain was more than a job; it was a journey of personal and professional transformation. I emerged not just as a successful business owner but as a leader who understood the profound impact of authenticity, empathy, and continuous learning in the realm of business. This experience became a cornerstone of my philosophy, shaping the empowering, evidence-based approach I champion today. I can't wait to talk about your business and creating the life of your choosing!   Suzanne

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