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Coaching for Entrepreneurs

You started a business for freedom and to do what you love.....somehow it has got you stuck asking......

How do I make more money without working more hours?

How do I possibly create all the content and assets I need to compete in the online space? 


How to stand out and truly do something different? 

Grow your business without sacrificing your life!

Extract your Intellectual Property & Create Something Unique!

Stop the cycle of feast and famine! 

Move from Side Hustle to Full Time - 6, 7, 8 Figures

*Each client and business is unique, no programs, no fluff or BS here!

All of our work together is custom and co-created, based on your goals! 

I coach entrepreneurs because I am one! For 35 years!

Every aspect of your life will improve, if you are ready!

Are you Ready to....

Make More Money

Work Less

Spend More Time Being Instead of Doing

Have Better Relationships

Develop More Confidence

Be a Better Person, Leader, Spouse, Parent

Create your own Category, Community or Both?


What you can expect from me...

My Undivided Attention!

My Confidentiality!

Increased Resilience, Grit & Willpower!

Unlimited Emails

My Cell Number for 1:1 Support

Accelleration of your timeframe to reach your goals!

Support & Accountability!

The Thinking Partner you need for your Life & Business!


Alex Dumas - Abundance Daily

Great Energy - you need to work with Suzanne, point blank period.


Tammy Polk - Publisher

Believing in you is what Suzanne does best, she will get you believing too!


Andrea Beck- Health Coach

Starting from nothing, Suzanne gave me the tools to build a website, tribe and programs, building connections and a sales process for my practice!!

Explore Coaching Together

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Custom Consulting

Strategy, Design, Concept, Category

Marketing, Technology, SaaS

Group Running

Group Coaching

Signature Program, Webinar, Copy, Design, Strategy, Roadmap for your Business

Business Meeting

Peer Group Coaching

Growth, Legacy, Development

PR, Speaking, Podcasting

Coaching Groups

Frequently Asked Questions

If you are thinking about working with me........

I use many different approaches to coaching!

You must be ready for something different!

I don't give you answers, but give you the tools and resources to create decisions and actions!

I never judge!

I hold confidentiality sacred!

My coaching is not free or inexpensive, it requires a 4-5 figure investment! 

This profession found me, it is my must do! I spent years doing it before I knew what it was called! I've spent 100s of 1000s of dollars on my personal and professional development as a coach and as a human. I am willing to be fearless and 100% honest........you must be too!

I care deeply about my clients & desire deep transformation for them!

Let's transform your life beyond measure!

What does your typical coaching engagement look like?

It does vary on the individual client’s need. However typically, we will work together from 8 weeks to 12 months. Initially we work more intensively, the sessions then become more spread out. I do also offer a shorter half and full day format. As well as the live sessions you will get plenty of resources to continue your growth and virtually unlimited text and email support from me during our time together. 

Who are your typical clients?

I can work entrepreneurs, founders, and leaders who have a relevant degree of curiousity and desire to cut learning, personal development and professional growth time by 10x.  There is no requirement to have anything ‘wrong’ or be struggling in life or work, many of my clients just want to go from ‘good to great’. To develop the self-mastery to have life & business get to the next level of success, and redefine what success means to you!

How much are the fees for groups and private coaching?

It varies on the situation, format and timing. However what I offer is transformative and potentially game changing compared to conventional coaching "programs", and the value proposition reflects that. That having being said I have been told repeatedly I could charge much more… To find out what that means in terms of actual fees, contact me, and we can have a powerful conversation and see if we are a good fit for each other!

Do you work with teams, practices and organizations?

YES, but the leader must be willing to work with me individually, because I beleive that true leadership, culture and teams are built when the leaders are the best version of themselves.

Workshops and speaking for your team are all totally custom for your needs. 

I'm interested, what's next?

If you like to understand more about how I can help you in your specific situation and what benefits and outcomes you can expect, a conversation is best. Fill out the coaching quiz and schedule a conversation!

Why isn't this coaching more commonplace or the standard of how coaching works?

How come if this is so powerful aren’t more coaches and change agents using the same approach? Two reasons ......it requires more than just following a program that the coach purchased online, or made up out of thin air with good sales language!  It also requires deep trust, guided intuition and years of coaching yourself to be a coach who listens deeply, responds curiously and has the tools and resources you need. Let me show you......schedule a conversation about your goals today!