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Build Instant Rapport, Boost Relationships, Increase Sales

The Guide to Instantly Upgrade

Your Connection Skills


How to engage new connections in conversation!

Why your connections want to know the real you & how to show up vulnerably with authority! 

The 4 best rapport strategies for instant connection! 


Warning: Only for authentic users! This is NOT for manipulation or making sales without authenticity & connection! 

Female Singer

3 Steps to Rockstar Rapport

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Suzanne started her entrepreneurial journey at age 11, hiring 3 others to do her paper route! From those humble beginnings at delegating so she could have fun instead, the mindset of doing things your own way began! 

Her businesses have included a retail chain with franchised locations across the country to a real estate firm and a marketing agency. Plus 25 years as a Dental Hygienist, 14 as a coach!

Succeeding in business before the invention of social media, her first 2 businesses were word of mouth and networking referral based. This resulted in the development of the Taylord Referral Method being taught to 1000s of other entrepreneurs in the last 13 years.

Her mentorship & coaching of other entrepreneurs began with just a drive to help others succeed, building a coaching practice in 3 different niches and now is a thriving 7 figure company with a network of over 25,000 connections and partners. Read More...

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