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Connection, Collaboration, Consulting, Facilitation

Transform Your Organization with Community Consulting & Facilitation with Suzanne Taylor-King

Welcome to a new chapter in your organizational journey, where the essence of community becomes the cornerstone of your success. Let's dive into a world where consulting and facilitation aren't just services—they're transformative experiences that breathe life into your organization's vision and values.

Why Choose Suzanne? Experience Meets Innovation

At the intersection of 35 years of entrepreneurial wisdom and a relentless passion for empowering businesses lies Suzanne Taylor-King's unique approach to community consulting and facilitation. Suzanne brings a wealth of experience, multiple 6-figure exits, and an innovative mindset to help your organization harness the power of community. It's about leveraging your collective experience, embracing authenticity, and driving transformative growth through strategic community engagement.

Our Services: Taylord to Elevate Your Community

Strategic Community Consulting: Let's craft a blueprint for your community that aligns with your organizational goals and member needs. From identifying key objectives to developing a comprehensive engagement strategy, Suzanne provides the expertise to ensure your community not only thrives but becomes a key driver of your organizational success.

Dynamic Facilitation: Engage in facilitation sessions that do more than guide conversations. Suzanne's dynamic facilitation techniques ensure that every voice is heard, fostering an environment of collaboration and innovation. These sessions are designed to uncover actionable insights, create alignment, and propel your community forward.

Custom Workshops & Training: Elevate your team's skills with workshops tailored to the unique challenges and opportunities of building and sustaining vibrant communities. From leadership development to strategic planning, Suzanne's workshops equip your team with the tools they need to lead with confidence and creativity.

The Approach: Authentic, Empowering, and Evidence-Based

This methodology is grounded in authenticity, evidence-based strategies, and a deep commitment to personalized growth. Understanding that each organization's journey is unique, she integrates your inherent strengths and values into a holistic strategy for community success. This approach not only cultivates a sense of belonging among members but also aligns community initiatives with your broader business objectives.

Let's Build Something Extraordinary Together

Imagine a community that's not just engaged but deeply connected to your mission, driving growth, innovation, and lasting impact. That vision is within reach. Whether you're looking to launch a new community initiative, revitalize an existing one, or integrate community-driven strategies into your organizational fabric, Suzanne is here to guide you.

Your organization has the potential to create a community that transcends the ordinary—where members are empowered, goals are achieved, and growth is not just envisioned but realized. Are you ready to embark on this transformative journey?

Together, let's unlock the full potential of your community!

Have Suzanne Host a Meeting or Event for your Community
Elevate your Events Without the Stress
Enhance your Group & Get Members Interconnected
Create a Longer Lasting Impression & 
Increase Engagement at Event & In Community
Encourage Referrals & Connections
Strategy & Execution

Creative Production

Planning & Logistics

Suzanne shows groups and teams how to bring out the wisdom in the room, while enhancing engagement.  Any size group from 2-500 can be fun and engaging online!

Bringing together collective wisdom, ask and give, appreciative inquiry and conscious leadership all with safety, vulnerability and a bit of humor!

Suzanne is well versed in the Go-Giver mindset, Xchange facilitation frameworks, building rapport, creating action and connection! 

Hire Suzanne to Guide your Community

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