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Business Accelerator

One Year of Business Growth in 8 Weeks

Let's UpGrade Your Business

In my meticulously structured 8-week accelerator, you will achieve a systematic transformation of your business. I will provide a clear, step-by-step roadmap to ensure that each week builds on the last, solidifying your foundation and progressively enhancing your skills. You'll implement proven systems and processes that not only increase your operational efficiency but also guarantee greater client satisfaction and retention. Our program is designed to provide security in your investment, with structured outcomes and detailed planning to guide your growth every step of the way.

Designed for the ambitious business owner who thrives on rapid results and competitive advantages, this accelerator propels you to the forefront of the coaching industry. In just eight weeks, you will master cutting-edge strategies that distinguish you from the competition. Each session is crafted to move quickly and effectively, ensuring you see immediate improvements in client engagement and business growth. Join us to transform your practice and achieve remarkable success in a fraction of the time usually required.

This program emphasizes personal connection and growth, nurturing your potential as an entrepreneur, coach or leader. Through collaborative sessions and community support, you will deepen your understanding of yourself and your clients, fostering a coaching environment that is both supportive and transformative. Our nurturing approach ensures that you not only excel in your practice but also make meaningful connections that enrich your professional journey.

For entrepreneurs who are motivated by in-depth knowledge and expertise, our accelerator offers comprehensive content that covers the latest insights and advanced methodologies in the coaching field. Each week delves into different aspects of coaching, from sophisticated client engagement techniques to strategic business modeling, providing you with a wealth of knowledge that will elevate your practice to expert status. With continuous access to resources and expert guidance, you will expand your skill set and become a thought leader in your niche.

This 8-week program is not just a course; it's a transformative journey that will upgrade every aspect of your coaching practice, tailored to resonate with every type of buyer. Whether you seek structure, speed, connection, or depth, this accelerator ensures that your investment translates into real and rapid advancements, setting you apart as a top-tier business owner in your field.


Your Coach Suzanne Taylor-King

Embark on a transformative journey with my 7-Week Accelerator, a concentrated cohort designed specifically for forward-thinking coaches and entrepreneurs. This program condenses two years of intensive self-development and professional refinement into a potent 7-week course. It's crafted for those who seek rapid advancement in their coaching practices and personal growth, mirroring the breakthroughs and insights from my own transformative experiences.

Our 8 Week Schedule

Week 1: The Future of the High-End Program, Service and Product: Why You have a Responsibility to Sell High End Pro-grams 

Week 2: The High Paying Client Message: Nail Your Message with DO, HAVE, BECOME 

Week 3: The High Paying Client Story: You story is your mes-sage and the Hero Story gets the high paying client to Pay!

Week 4: The High Paying Client Video Presentation: What to say, how to say it and where to put it!!

Week 5: The High Paying Client Funnel: The customer journey redefined for an established coach. 

Week 6: High Paying Client Event Framework to attract the right clients to you with events and referrals.

Week 7: The 12 Step High Paying Client Enrollment Conver-sation: Stand for Your Clients transformation when they aren’t ready to stand for themselves yet 

Week 8: The Triage Call - The 10 min complimentary call that will change your schedule and enrollment. The paid strategy session template, $650-2000 calls that elevate your business. 

Kind Words About this Accelerator

Make sure you take the opportunity to get to know Suzanne. When you do you'll quickly discover she's the hidden ace up any business leader's sleeve. Far from simply coaching coaches, Suzanne has a knack for navigating the business landscape with an acuity that eludes many. She works through complexity with precision, providing insights that are not just accurate but immediately actionable—time is of the essence, and she respects yours with fervor.

Engage with her, and you'll feel her energy and passion breathe life into your business journey. Whether you're steering a coaching practice, a consulting firm, or any entrepreneurial vessel, working with Suzanne isn't just enlightening; it's an invigorating adventure toward your ambitions.

Over the last 3 months, I have spent time in one of her Accelerator programs. She did an amazing job of keeping this entire group of diverse backgrounds (coaches, consultants, and small business owners) engaged and moving forward. While making the entire 90 days highly interactive and ensuring all of us got to know each other and went to market with more robust high-value offers!  

~Chris Colt "The Challenge Champion"

STK is incredible! She is truly gifted at helping you get 100% on what you're trying to achieve in your business. She has helped me to get specific and focused. Her kindness and authenticity are off the charts, and her knowledge and expertise is unmatched. Thank you STK!

~Rob Z Wentz

I am grateful Suzanne asked me to participate in her Accelerator program. My expectation was to be able to apply a few of her best practices immediately. Suzanne exceeded my expectations as I came out with a transformative power statement, much more confidence in the value I provide my clients, the belief that I must price my services in accordance with my value, and so much more. Thank you, Suzanne, for sharing your wisdom and passion and truly caring that we each succeed in our respective coaching journeys. I certainly will be promoting your program and recommending it to those who will benefit. ~ Drew Deraney

What you receive......

  • Condensed Wisdom: Experience the essence of a two-year developmental journey packed into an intense seven weeks, providing immediate, actionable insights.

  • Advanced Cohort: Join a select group of ambitious individuals in a setting that promotes mutual growth, networking, and collaboration.

  • Personalized Mentorship: Receive direct mentorship and feedback from an experienced coach who has successfully navigated these challenges and emerged with valuable insights.

  • Exclusive Resources: Gain access to bespoke resources and tools that were pivotal in my growth journey, taylord for your use.

Your Required Commitment

This program is designed for those who are ready to invest in rapid growth and are committed to full participation and implementation. Expect a challenging, rewarding journey that demands focus, dedication, and the willingness to deeply engage with both the material and the cohort. You must attend every session, submit homework, engage fully to participate in the case study & be offered a spot in the mastermind afterwards!


Enroll in the 8-Week Accelerator Today

Transform your business and personal mastery in just eight weeks with our advanced cohort. Spots are limited to maintain a high level of personal attention and quality interaction—secure your place now and accelerate your growth like never before.

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