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A New Vision Awaits

For the seasoned leader ready to embark on a fresh challenge, New Venture is your compass. Taylord for those who've tasted success and now yearn to pioneer a new venture, this program offers the strategic guidance and insights to turn your next vision into a thriving reality.

When you are Ready for a New Adventure...

You're an accomplished CEO, executive, or entrepreneur, having achieved 6-8 figure successes, and found yourself at a crossroads, yearning for fresh challenges and new horizons. While that previous journey was marked by triumphs, the allure of pioneering another venture or diversifying your portfolio beckons.

Historically, the transition from one success to embarking on a new venture was a voyage into the unknown, filled with uncertainties. But with the right guidance, there's a strategic and rewarding path forward.

The New Venture program is meticulously designed for those visionaries who, having tasted success, are now eager to replicate or even surpass their achievements in new arenas. True entrepreneurial spirit isn't just about building one success story; it's about continuously evolving and seeking new summits.

While many have the experience of a successful venture, only a few truly understand how to navigate the complexities of starting anew while leveraging past learnings. "New Venture" bridges this gap, enabling leaders to conceptualize, strategize, and actualize their next big venture, ensuring it resonates in the chosen market.

Driven by a purpose that goes beyond mere profitability, participants are guided through a holistic approach to business ideation, innovation, and execution, ensuring their new ventures stand out.

"New Venture" is more than just a program; it's a transformative journey, demanding both personal and financial commitment.

The returns? Limitless possibilities.

The investment for this immersive experience is $150K annually.

Attributes You Already Possess:

  • A proven track record of success.

  • Punctuality and precision.

  • An insatiable desire to innovate and lead.

  • Prioritizing vision and long-term growth.

  • A foundation of integrity and authenticity.

  • Receptiveness to feedback and swift implementation.

  • A vision that seeks to disrupt and redefine.

  • Humility coupled with assertive leadership.

  • Recognizing that innovation often lies outside comfort zones.

  • A readiness to challenge industry norms.

  • A proactive, "can-do" mindset.

  • A refusal to rest on past accomplishments.

Participants in are already industry leaders; our mission is to guide them to their next groundbreaking venture.

If this aligns with your aspirations, let's chart the course for your next success story.

PHASE 1: Discovery of those VISIONARY INSIGHTS   To embark on a new venture, clarity and foresight are essential. We'll delve into the intricacies of your new concept, ensuring it aligns with market dynamics and leverages your past successes:

  • Time Management for New Ventures

  • Energy Optimization for Strategic Planning

  • Building a Network for New Endeavors

  • Market Analysis & Opportunity Scouting

  • Potential for Diversification & Growth

  • Ideal Business Environment & Infrastructure

  • Ideation & Brainstorming Sessions

  • Leveraging Past Successes as Stepping Stones

  • Ethical & Sustainable Business Practices

  • Health & Well-being for Continuous Leadership

This phase focuses on refining your new vision, understanding market dynamics, and leveraging your expertise for the new venture.

PHASE 2: STRATEGIC BLUEPRINT Engage the intensive crafted to define the strategic direction and core purpose of your new business or revenue stream.

PHASE 3: PLANNING & EXECUTION Brainstorm, strategize, and detail your roadmap toward realizing the potential of your new venture or revenue stream.

PHASE 4: LAUNCH & LEAD Collaboratively, we'll ensure your new business vision transitions from a blueprint to a thriving enterprise, setting the stage for your next success chapter.

Having worked with numerous coaches in my career, it is such an honor and a pleasure to finally be working with Suzanne. She excels at her craft and weekly leaves me in awe at her skill. Discovering her abilities to call out the pragmatic logistics I so needed, while supporting me as I developed them was a gift. Nonetheless, she simultaneously was hearing what wasn't said, recognized, or valued on my part, (in my delusion that everyone has the same skills I possess since they come so naturally.) As a result, she could and does easily support me in clarifying my vision, my message and my audience. When you are truly ready to fly, she is the gift, and push you need to go further, with more clarity and total confidence into a brighter and more expanded career.

Dr. Dorothy Martin-Neville



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