Don't wait till you feel like an expert!

Being an expert is a realtive term.......

When you think about expertise, it might scare you away. Most people never think they know enough to be an expert, much less call themselves one. However, your expertise is what you can market to customers, and guess what, you don’t have to know everything to be an expert. You literally only need to know just a little bit more than your ideal customer to be seen as an expert and valued for your experience.

Of course, being an expert in your niche should be a goal of yours, but as long as you stay ahead of your target audience, you will be seen as an expert by them. However, how people define expertise is very different from one person to the next. But expertise is really about a continual learning process and the state of making yourself a lifelong learner in your field.

Don’t Wait Until You Feel Like an Expert

Most people, especially women, tend to downplay their expertise on any number of things. One reason is that our society doesn’t really like it when people act like know-it-alls. In fact, a humble expert is a lot better than someone who thinks they know everything because they tend to do a better job communicating. This plagued me for years when I first started my business, I remember being so excited to help others that I was always saying I know that, or I can help you with that..........the result was numerous people telling me that I couldn't know all of that, and worse rumors of me being the dreaded "know it all" This, sadly, did allow my doubts to sink in and derailed my success for numerous years!. You don’t have to do that; don’t wait until you feel like an expert. Instead, just act like one. An expert learns all their life about what they want to be an expert in. If you keep learning, you’ll naturally truly become an expert on your topic from your perspective. Remember it's always from your perspective!!

Focus on Becoming an Expert on Your Target Audience’s Problems & Solutions

One of the ways to become an expert quickly in the eyes of your target audience is to focus most of your efforts on learning about your target audiences’ problems concerning t