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It's That Time Again......New Year New Goals!

Updated: Feb 20

Letting go of procrastination is the theme for most people at the beginning of the year. We set new goals and promise ourselves this year will be different, but we do the same thing as every other year....set the goal and give up 6-8 weeks later. Some only make it a couple of weeks, but most just a couple of days! WHY? Because we don't go deep enough on the WHY and get the accountability we need to keep the habits!

Shoutout to all the entrepreneurs, coaches and consultants with Titanic-sized dreams but no clue how to bring them to fruition…

Want to Learn How to Set Bigger, Better and More Achievable Goals for Your Business?

If you’re craving a big change in your business or life, it’s time to learn how to set goals like a pro so you can get your dreams out of your head and into your daily life!

Here’s the deal…

You’re an entrepreneur, so it’s no surprise you have a cornucopia of dreams, ideas, and plans swirling in your head. Yep: No matter if it’s a new week, a new quarter, or a brand new year (and you’re still wiping confetti off your coat), goals are a given in the life of an entrepreneur. And for good reason, too, since goals are what give us direction & purpose and infuse passion into our businesses and lives. Setting goals is a fundamental key to success in every arena. And it sounds super fun and exciting…until you sit down to actually do it. Then, the questions flood in.

What tools should you use to set your goals? (There are sooo many! From vision boards to online apps, there are about a million creative ways to put your ideas & plans to paper–or computer.)

What kind of goals should you set? How do you know if your goals are actually going to move you forward?

How do you stay motivated even when your goals seem light years away?

See, unfortunately, “goal setting” isn’t quite as simple (or exciting) as it sounds. It’s not just about writing out a few bullet points in your planner or slapping a few fresh pink Post Its on your cork board.

Setting goals is a task every single person should embrace. Whether you do it every New Year or at various times throughout the year, knowing what you want in life will prevent that feeling of just floating through each day without purpose. Knowing your purpose and goals motivates you to wake up and take action every single day.

Setting goals in every aspect of your life will keep you focused on what you want. Whether it’s about losing weight to regain your health or increasing your business profits to move to a warmer climate, knowing what you want allows you to put action steps in place. After all, nothing happens in life without taking action.

My Favorite Successful People Who Set Goals for Themselves

If you’re feeling defeated with not reaching goals in the past, don’t worry. Even the most successful celebrities and business owners have seen their own failures but continued to set goals anyway.

Entertainer extraordinaire Beyoncé keeps a photograph of an Academy Award by her treadmill where she sees it every day. In 2013 she won an Oscar for the theme song to the James Bond movie, Skyfall.

Michael Jordan, arguably one of the best professional basketball players of all time, was rejected by the high school basketball varsity team because he was too short. Told he would never play at that level, Michael trained even harder and visualized his name in a professional locker room.

Walt Disney was laughed at by many bankers when he proposed his idea for the Disney World theme park. The last laugh is on them because today the entire Disney franchise – including the many theme parks, movies, and merchandise – are worth many billions of dollars.

JK Rowling, famously known for writing the Harry Potter series, couldn’t get book publishers to talk to her. Depending on food stamps to survive, she finally found a publisher who agreed to publish her book after the publisher’s daughter started reading the book and became entranced.

Count Your Failures as Lessons Learned

Thomas Edison is another person who was labeled as “stupid” by his teachers, yet at one point he held over 1,000 patents for new inventions. Most famous for inventing the lightbulb, Edison is also known for this quote, “I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.” You may not have reached every goal but that doesn’t mean you stop trying. Revise your goals, voice what is most important in your life, and take action steps toward those goals.

Want to know my 5 Goal-Setting Activities for Creative Entrepreneurs?

I’m spilling the beans in a livestream broadcast! I’ll share five creative ways to set your goals and get excited about working toward them. It takes WORK to achieve your goals; you can’t just wish for it to happen. Even winning the lottery takes work to go buy the ticket, right? So Check out this LIVE video on my Facebook Page!

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