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The Mindset of Successful Coaches

Updated: Feb 20

When you think about the highest earning coaches, people like Rich Litvin and Steve Chandler and Phil Stuts, what comes to mind? Charisma, experience, and expertise are often at the top of the list, but would it surprise you to know that those are not the most important characteristics?

In fact, while those things do help attract and keep an audience, there’s one thing that is absolutely critical to their success, and you can’t even see it. Knowing this made such a difference in building a coaching practice 3 different times, wellness coaching, nutrition and fitness coaching and now Life & Mental Performance.


It’s true. In everything you do, whether in business or in life, your mindset is the determining factor when it comes to your success. Your coaching plans are no different. Without the right mindset, you will forever be attracting and working with clients who—while deserving and lovely—are less than your ideal when it comes to their ability to pay.

So before you can realize your dreams of four- or five-figure clients, you have to do some internal work. You have to make some changes to your own mindset, to be more in line with what the top earners in your industry already do and feel.

Are you stuck in limiting your own success place? Last year I wrote this article about interrupting the limiting patterns and behaviors!! Check out that post here!

Changing Your Attitude

One thing charismatic and personable people have in common is a good attitude. Think about it; you’ll never see Carrie Wilkerson or Paul Evans complaining about how the kids are sick, “again!” or that the cable repair guy is 40 minutes late, or even that the car blew a tire.

Instead, you see their expressions of gratitude in everything. If the kids are sick, they’re grateful to have a business that allows them to stay home and play nurse. If the cable guy is late, they’re grateful to have 40 extra minutes to read a book instead of watch television. And if the car died in the middle of running a week’s worth of errands, they’re happy to have found a mechanic who does great work at a reasonable price.

If you find yourself complaining—even in your head—turn your attitude around. There’s nearly always something to be grateful for, even in the worst situations. And when you can rethink and revise your attitude for the better, you’ll not only be happier, but you’ll attract a better audience, too.

Growing Your Confidence

Here’s something else top-end coaches have in common: confidence. They believe in what they do. They believe in their ability to help others achieve the same thing. They walk on stage or join a webinar filled with the knowledge that what they are about to say will change the lives of those who are listening.

It’s not cocky or arrogant, it’s just confidence. And if you don’t have it yet, you can take steps to increase it. This was the ONE thing that changed everything for me, tapping into the confidence I had snowboarding, bartending or teaching boot camp and spin classes in front of rooms full of people! Realizing I had confidence in one area, means I could transfer to other areas.....and so can you!!

Start by asking yourself, in any new or uncomfortable situation, “What’s the worst that could happen?” Of those worst-case scenarios, resolve what you have control over, and let the rest go. So if you’ve agreed to speak in front of a small group of business owners, and your fear is that you’ll flub your speech, practicing beforehand will greatly improve your confidence.

Next, get inside the head of someone who is confident in what you’re about to do. Walk onto that stage as if you’ve been doing it for years, and not only will you feel more confident, but you’ll be more confident. You can use the “as if” attitude in everything from creating a new product to closing a sale. Whenever you feel your confidence failing, just remember to act as if you’ve done this successfully hundreds of times.

Just like how the person you’re talking to on the phone can hear a smile in your voice, your potential clients can sense your mindset. And if it’s not up to the standards of the top earners in your niche, you’ll struggle to make the sale. Work on your attitude and confidence levels, and watch your income soar.

"“In fact, the confidence of the people is worth more than money.”– Carter G. Woodson

Let's Work on building your personal & professional confidence today! Schedule your confidence-boosting call HERE!


I believe in challenging the status quo, thinking differently and to boldy stepping into the confidence of being unique and different!

I believe that by enhancing your unique qualities, strengths and gifts that perspective changes and grows!

I believe my lifetime of learning and deep mastery of personal habits & emotional intelligence can shift your life and business trajectory!

I believe coaching is custom, unique and co-created, with actionable steps, resources for simple, straightforward motivation & momentum!


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You know the work you do is valuable and important, but you struggle to convince your ideal client of it’s value. You feel like deep down, what you really need is someone to just tell you what the hell to do. You are so tired of throwing spaghetti at the wall and waiting to see what email, opt-in, post or strategy will work!

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Commit to this program, do the work and you will have a clear pathway to your high-ticket offer. That stand out offer, that will make a difference for you and your business.

Be willing to serve fearlessly, creatively with an unwaivering confidence in your strengths and differences!

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Cathy Brown Sykora
Cathy Brown Sykora
Mar 07, 2022

Great article Suzanne! "It’s not cocky or arrogant, it’s just confidence. And if you don’t have it yet, you can take steps to increase it."

This is so true. It's a lot easier to step into our confidence after building some wins, with time and effort expertise and excellence are built.

Suzanne Taylor
Suzanne Taylor
Mar 09, 2022
Replying to

Thank You so much Cathy, your work helped build my confidence when I started out as a health coach in 2009!

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