What is your business vision, mission, and brand statement?

As you work on developing your brand, one of the factors you need to figure out is what your core message or big idea is and how that relates to your business. Your core message is so important for your success because it will help differentiate your offers from the rest in a way that speaks directly to your ideal customer about your “why.” Getting to the reason or why of what you do requires a little digging and research.

Here at Taylor'd Consulting, we take our values and mission very seriously. We strive for every client to feel like the products and services we provide are custom to them, AKA Tailored to meet their needs!!! Check out our Unique Value Proposition HERE

This vision of how our team wants our brand to be and the great things it will accomplish for our clients has been the driving force in creating this business, all because our founder did not have these resources when she was beginning her entrepreneurial journey back in 1994. The mission of our company is a bit different, those clear actions we have on how to accomplish the vision of what we what to create! We know the WHY and the HOW! Because we believe that it is best to keep things simple, let's define VISION as your desired destination for your business, and MISSION as the big picture steps to reach that destination!

Let's DIVE IN!

To develop your core message, ask yourself the following questions:

1) Who is your ideal customer?

2) What is your ideal customers’ problem(s)?