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3 Keys to Thriving as an 'Imposter' ?

For many of us entrepreneurs/business owners/influencers/thought leaders and the like, we are plagued with fears, doubts, and worries.

Well at least we should be.

So often the costume is worn in our social media posts, our podcast recordings, our blog posts, our YouTube videos and so on.

It's easy to show up for a few minutes and be a big shot on the outside but feel as small and insignificant as an ant on the inside.

The popular term for that is "imposter syndrome" and for many years that held me back from stepping into my true identity and taking action on sharing my gifts and passions with the world because I was duped into believing that I wasn't good enough.

My rebuttal to anyone who feels like an imposter is simply this... GOOD, KEEP GOING!

That sounds like crazy talk but "crazy" people have made the biggest impacts in the world. It is these innovators in language, technology, business, sports, arts, music, etc. that have constantly pushed the boundaries and given future generations the courage to realize they haven't scratched the surface of human potential.

If you feel like an imposter, that's good... it means you're playing a bigger game. It means you're stretching and being pulled towards something that is endless and abundant. Unfortunately most people will take their ideas, books, songs, movies, recipes, lesson plans, business plans to the graveyard.

That WON'T be YOU!

You have a deeper purpose.

You are someone who takes action know matter how much you know and don't know.

You are someone who has the courage to ask for help and be wise enough to execute when given a plan to follow.

I'm inviting you to peek inside my brain and see what I speak to myself in order to move from inaction to inspiration:

1) Destroy and Rebuild - I'm on a constant quest to kill the old Alex. By old, I mean yesterday's version of Alex. There's nothing wrong with him but he served his purpose and today's Alex demands a new outlook on life and new target. I must constantly destroy myself and rebuild it into the version God designed.

Without this need to achieve and improve, I find myself feeling stagnant and those monsters in my head start chopping away and telling me "who are you to build a business?", "you're not a good husband and father", "you'll continue to be a failure".

Can you relate?

2) If I don't, then who will - I say this to myself in moments I'm afraid. If I'm scared to take an action or ask a question or do something for my kids, etc., I ask myself who is coming to save me or help me right now?

No One!

So I must take ownership and be grateful for the opportunity. This applies to our family, relationships, businesses, health and anything else you can think of.

The buck starts and ends with you and that is the true freedom you can experience.

3) Abundance is my birthright, but I don't deserve it - This thought reminds me I am a child of the ultimate creator. Creativity is in my DNA.

It's my damn birthright to manifest abundance and live a life with endless possibilities. That's part of the reason why our company is named Abundance Daily.

But the flipside of that coin is it will not be handed to me on a silver platter. I must put in the work and be committed to it.

It doesn't mean be a workaholic and hustle until I bleed but having the understanding that I will be challenged.

It's understanding I will suffer in order to succeed and I must accept that challenge and do as God commanded and be not afraid.


So now I challenge you to look deep inside and figure out what are those thoughts that make you courageous. What are those affirmations that pull you closer to purpose?

Share those words with us so we can all learn from each other and grow together.

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