3 Keys to Thriving as an 'Imposter' ?

For many of us entrepreneurs/business owners/influencers/thought leaders and the like, we are plagued with fears, doubts, and worries.

Well at least we should be.

So often the costume is worn in our social media posts, our podcast recordings, our blog posts, our YouTube videos and so on.

It's easy to show up for a few minutes and be a big shot on the outside but feel as small and insignificant as an ant on the inside.

The popular term for that is "imposter syndrome" and for many years that held me back from stepping into my true identity and taking action on sharing my gifts and passions with the world because I was duped into believing that I wasn't good enough.

My rebuttal to anyone who feels like an imposter is simply this... GOOD, KEEP GOING!

That sounds like crazy talk but "crazy" people have made the biggest impacts in the world. It is these innovators in language, technology, business, sports, arts, music, etc. that have constantly pushed the boundaries and given future generations the courage to realize they haven't scratched the surface of human potential.

If you feel like an imposter, that's good... it means you're playing a bigger game. It means you're stretching and being pulled towards something that is endless and abundant. Unfortunately most people will take their ideas, books, songs, movies, recipes, lesson plans, business plans to the graveyard.

That WON&