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The Top 2 Things Every Entrepreneur Needs!

Updated: Feb 20

It's been over 30 years as an entrepreneur, from retail businesses, real estate and a dabbel in network marketing before landing as a coach in 2009! Building a practice that turned professional by 2011 was no small task, with a new baby at home and a complete change in career (spending 25 as a dental hygienist) The need to reinvent myself was strong, so I went on a quest to find out WTF I needed. You don't know what you don't know right?

The problem: Everyone online was telling me I needed what they had! I was mis-lead, underwhelmed and underserved so many times I lost count and stopped investing in help for a while......AKA jaded! Then I found a couple of books that really helped Story Brand and Marketing Made Simple by Donald Miller. If you are just starting out or in need of a refresh give them a read!

Now I want to give you the two things I have every client do before we work together and I even suggest this for members of my community The Idea Lab 4 Entrepreneurs

The two GIANT takeaways from these books and every other book on marketing yourself.....

Your Elevator Speech

When describing what you do to an ideal potential client or referral source, the goal is to get that person to say: “Wow, you’re exactly what I need. Can I have your card?” or “I need your card, my sister/friend needs your services right away.”

Here’s the elevator speech I used for many years:

Hello, my name is Suzanne Taylor-King and I am a Client Attraction Expert.

I work with entrepreneurs and practice owners who want to turn pro and need to up-level how they show up in a crowded market, without pushing so hard. What separates my service

from other coaches is that I ONLY work with entrepreneurs and I focus on the whole person and the business! Because of this, my clients get proven, extremely specific step-by-step coaching on exactly what they need to do to create clients. As a result, my clients attract lots more connections and opportunities, in record time, and make a lot more money than they would on their own. Best of all, the coaching pays for itself in the form of new clients, so it’s

like free coaching. Would you like to know more?

Your turn to create one with the following formula:

I work with (insert client profile) who struggle with (insert client challenge) and would like to (insert what you really DO for clients). What separates my service from other (insert competition) is (insert what makes you different/unique/credible) and because of this, clients receive (insert results). Would you like to know more?

1) I work with... __________________________________________

2) who struggle with... _____________________________________

3) and would like to... _____________________________________

4) What separates my service from other... _____________________

5) is that... ______________________________________________

6) and because of this, my clients receive…_____________________

7) Would you like to know more?


One more thing........

Have regular coffee dates with Centers of Influence

Centers of Influence are people who like and respect you and who come in contact with enough people to be able to regularly refer you to the right people. They are natural givers and connectors, people who know lots of other people and who love to put people together.

Meeting regularly with your centers of Influence can have a direct impact on filling your calendar. Make a point to meet each of these people monthly.

List influential people that already know, like and trust you, who know/come in contact with lots of other people:

Reach out to them today to and say........

“Hi NAME, it’s been a long time since we caught up. I’d love to hear what you’re up to and let you in on what’s going on for me. How about coffee, my treat? I’m free this __________ and __________. You? Let me know when’s good for you and we’ll make it happen.”

Doing virtual coffee dates is great, but these can be in person also......imagine inviting 2 people to coffee and the 2 don't know each other and you make the rockstar connection! Nothing feels better than connecting two people who value each other! I once introduced two of my patients when I was a hygienist.....they went on to date, marry and have 2 children, still together last time I checked! How cool is that!?

If this is who you are I would love to invite you to my community or to have a vitual coffee sometime! Let's explore how we can connect each other! Suzanne

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