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The Charisma Factor

Unlock Your Business & Leadership Potential with The Charisma Code

Welcome to The Charisma Code, a transformative 12-week group coaching program designed to elevate your influence, enhance your leadership skills, and empower you to forge deeper, more meaningful connections in both your professional and personal life.

Who Is This For? Ideal for seasoned entrepreneurs, business leaders, and anyone ready to step into their power and inspire those around them. Whether you're leading a team, pitching to clients, or navigating your everyday interactions, charisma is your key to opening doors and achieving outstanding results.

What Will You Achieve? By the end of this program, you will not only master the art of charisma, you'll also embody it. You'll walk away with...

  • Enhanced leadership abilities that motivate and inspire.

  • Improved communication skills that forge instant connections.

  • A powerful personal brand rooted in authenticity and influence.

Why is this important to growing your income, authority and time off?

Think about how much you have invested in yourself, your business with coaching, programs, masterminds and courses!  Think about that number! Mine is over 150K. What if all of that investment became instantly more valuable and more actionable?

What if it wasn't the program that didn't work? What if that coaching from 3 years ago suddenly became more profitable? Actionable?


As a seasoned entrepreneur with multiple successful exits, I've discovered that the key to every business success story is an undeniable mastery of authority and influence, achieved through a natural and relatable style. These principles have not only propelled my ventures but have also shaped the leader I am today. Recognizing the transformative power of these skills, I decided to distill my experiences into a comprehensive framework. "The Charisma Code" is my way of sharing this blueprint with fellow entrepreneurs and leaders. This program is crafted to teach you how to command influence effortlessly and authentically, ensuring your leadership is not just effective, but truly inspirational.

At the heart of "The Charisma Code" lies the ancient Stoic principle of eudaimonia, often translated as 'human flourishing' or 'the good life'. This philosophy doesn't just aim for superficial success or temporary happiness; it encourages a deep, sustained contentment that comes from living in accordance with virtue and excellence. Stoics believed that true fulfillment is achieved through self-mastery, wisdom, and the harmonious integration of one’s values into every aspect of life.

 By weaving these Stoic principles into the fabric of this program, we go beyond mere charisma and leadership skills. We delve into the transformation of your entire being, encouraging you to live a life of purpose and meaning. As you progress through "The Charisma Code", you not only become more influential and effective in your external endeavors but also find yourself becoming a happier and more evolved human being.


This holistic approach ensures that as you climb the ladder of success, your personal development and satisfaction climb with it. By embodying these timeless virtues, you cultivate a life where success is not just about what you achieve, but who you become in the process.

  • Meet Suzanne, Ask Questions, Discover Coaching, Explore Referrals & In...

    15 min

    100 US dollars

Core Modules Overview

Week 1: Introduction to Charisma and Instant Connection! Dive into the world of charisma, understanding its fundamental impact on your leadership and influence. Master the art of making a lasting first impression with our exclusive 90-Second Rule.

Week 2: Mastering Body Language ~ Unlock the secrets of non-verbal communication to reinforce your message without saying a word. Learn mirroring techniques that deepen rapport instantly.

Week 3: Active Listening and Empathy Transform ~  Upgrade your communication by truly listening and responding with empathy. Engage in practical exercises that will enhance your connection with anyone you meet.

Week 4: Crafting Your Story ~ Discover the power of personal storytelling as a tool for charismatic communication. Develop and refine your story to captivate and persuade any audience. Bonus Masterclass: How to use ChatGPT to write story posts and emails!

Week 5: Emotional Intelligence in Leadership ~ Elevate your leadership with emotional intelligence. Learn to manage your emotions and respond to the emotions of others in ways that foster respect and understanding.

Week 6: Persuasive Communication Techniques ~ Gain the ability to craft messages that influence and motivate others. Practice developing persuasive pitches that resonate and compel action. Communicate with the other persons buying style in mind! Bonus Masterclass: with certified BANK trainer!

Week 7: Public Speaking Mastery ~ Build confidence and master public speaking to engage and inspire your audience. Benefit from practice and infusing your natural talents into talks. Humor, Knowledge, Curiosity!

Week 8: Personal Values & Authenticity ~ Align your personal values with your professional actions to create a magnetic, authentic presence that electrifies and excites.

Week 9: Networking and Relationship Building Learn strategic networking techniques that go beyond connections and into cultivating lasting relationships that support and enhance your career.

Week 10: Overcoming Communication Barriers ~ Identify and overcome the barriers that hinder effective communication. Develop strategies to enhance understanding and clarity in every interaction. Learn the art of questions and listening at a deeper level!

Week 11: Leading with Charisma ~ Embody the traits of charismatic leadership that inspire and motivate others. Apply these practices in a real-world leadership challenge.

Week 12: Creating a Charismatic Culture ~ Learn to influence your organizational culture to reflect charisma at every level. Create an environment that is supportive, engaging, and dynamic.

Join Us on This Journey

Are you ready to step into your power with charisma? Join "The Charisma Code" and start transforming your world, one connection at a time. Enroll now and start your journey to becoming a leader who not only leads but inspires.

  • Charisma Code Weekly

    Every week
    Weekly Payment Plan
    Valid for 12 weeks
    • Weekly Group Coaching Session - Theory
    • Weekly Q & A Session , Hot Seat Coaching
    • Monthly AI Integration Session
  • Best Value

    Charisma Code in Full

    Payment in Full +Bonuses
    Valid for 3 months
    • 3x 1:1 Coaching Sessions ( Value $5000 )
    • 12 Group Coaching Sessions -Weekly - Theory
    • 12 Q & A Sessions - Weekly
    • 3 Ai Integration Sessions
  • Charisma Code Monthly

    Every month
    Valid for 3 months
    • Weekly Group Coaching Session - Theory
    • Weekly Q & A Session & Hot Seat Coaching
    • Monthly AI Integration Session


Rob Z. Wentz ~Leadership Coach

STK is incredible! She is truly gifted at helping you get 100% on what you're trying to achieve in your business. She has helped me to get specific and focused. Her kindness and authenticity are off the charts, and her knowledge and expertise is unmatched. Thank you STK!

Harry Spaight - Sales Coach

Suzanne is an incredible coach. She believes in her clients and goes above and beyond to provide value to help them reach their goals. She is super helpful but will ask the difficult questions to make you look inward. I have learned a ton from her and highly recommend her.

David Doerrier - Communication Trainer

I wholeheartedly recommend Suzanne Taylor-King as a life and business coach. Suzanne's expertise and mentorship have been transformative for my coaching journey. Her deep insights, personalized guidance, and commitment to elevating coaches' authority and influence are remarkable. With Suzanne's support, I've upgraded my systems, processes, and programs, achieving greater success.

What you Receive

Lifetime Access to Video Lessons & Updates to Program

Repeat LIVE Sessions

w/ any Future Cohort

Weekly Coaching Sessions

& Weekly Practice Sessions

24 Sessions Total

Private Community for


Three 1:1 Sessions

w/ Suzanne

Two Bonus Masterclasses

Referrals 101

BANK Sales 

Let's Unlock the missing piece to your success—transform yourself with The Charisma Code and turn past investments into profitable wisdom. It’s not just a program; it’s your roadmap to actualizing every lesson you’ve learned. ~Suzanne

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