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Coaching for Entrepreneurs
for the Next Level of Success in Life & Business
Reinvent what you think is possible!


Suzanne Taylor-King Mental Performance Coach

The coaching/mentorship/consulting I provide is based on 35 years of entrepreneurial experience, real life failures & success, ancient wisdom, modern science, business tools, strategy, not so common sense, NLP, Positive Psychology, Emotional Intelligence, Hypnotherapy and intuition!

I've been guiding entrepreneurs, coaches & practice owners redefine success and achieve more than they ever thought possible for over 13 years!

My journey was not easy, but I would not trade it for anything, the success I have today is because of the failures of yesterday!

I can help you find that path also! and not in 35 years!

The Problems

Most High-Achieving Business Owners Face

In the bustling world of high-achieving entrepreneurs, the road beyond six figures often comes with its unique set of challenges. You've mastered the initial hurdles of business, but now face the complex task of reinvention – evolving your offers to stay ahead, restructuring pricing to reflect the true value you provide, and amplifying your impact to remain indispensable in a competitive market. Despite your success, there's a nagging feeling that your business could be more, do more. This is where the STK method shines. This coaching, consulting, and mentorship are tailored for entrepreneurs like you, who are not content with just 'good enough.' You seek to lead the way in your industry, to be the go-to authority, and to harmoniously balance an elevated business with an enhanced life. With Strategy, Transformation, and Knowledge as your pillars, I guide you through the nuances of scaling beyond six figures, ensuring your business growth is not just profitable but also sustainable and aligned with your vision of success. All with living a life that fuels that business, not the other way around! 

Ready to find out more?

Are you ready to find out how this unique and high touch coaching company can change the future of your life, your business and all the people you serve?

Personal Diary

When you are my client you get me, just the two of us
1:1 - Human Connection!

No BS, No Filter, No Fluff

No Cookie-Cutter Coaching or Program

Nothing Pre-Recorded

Rapid Progress because it's Custom 

Private File Share for Our Work Together

Video - Voice - Voxer Support 

Part Habit - Part Mindset - Part Energy


Coaching Pathways......

Master connection, rapport and client attraction!

Coach Accelerator

One Year of Growth

in Seven Weeks!

Event Facilitation




You are done being ordinary and not living up to your potential, everyone you meet looks up to you.......BUT you are not satisfied with mediocre or the status quo. 

Fueling that audacious spirit that refuses to settle, this coaching is for the leader, visionary, entrepreneur who craves more.........freedom, health, time and wealth. 

Let's challenge the myth that being successful financially requires sacrificing your well-being. Over-working is not a sign of dedication to your company or employees and being tied to your laptop is not a measure of success, when your family doesn't know who you are. 

The belief that you must surrender freedom, fun, health and mental well-being for financial accomplishment is complete BS & due for a reality check.

New Venture Legacy

Re-invent your business, or create one after a corproate career or exit! 

Claim Something More for Yourself

Create a Brand, Offer, & Message to Build a Legacy with your Knowledge

Some Kind Words from Clients

Suzanne offers a secret weapon to the solopreneur community. She operates in the rarified air of the top 1% of leaders in our ecosystem. Why? Suzanne cracked the secret code of self, and this inner power allows her to create community, programs, and coaching systems that bring deep foundational insights to those of us ready, willing, and able to take advantage of her expertise. Suzanne helped me work through my own challenges to figure out myself and my direction during a period of adjustment. The engagement was truly transformative.

Larry Kaul

Red Pill Pathway

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